5 Myths about Studying Abroad


There are many myths about studying abroad for higher education, which is undeniably a crucial step that you can take in your life. But, when you choose to study abroad, your mind is bound to get occupied with countless thoughts. Some thoughts may be related to the real-world, while other thoughts are nothing but myths. So, it becomes really important for you to break these myths to make an informed and pragmatic decision for taking the right steps towards your dream.

In this post, we will discuss some myths about studying abroad which are revolving around your decision of studying abroad that should be broken:

Myth 1: Study aboard is an expensive affair

Reality: It is a common myth that needs to be broken. Students need to understand that the expenses of studying abroad majorly depend on the country, university, type and duration of the program or course. Some may be considered expensive but affordable options exist too. For this, you just need to do a bit of research. You can also consult with AEC as we have an extensive network of global universities. We can better tell you which country, university, and course fit your pocket well.

Myth 2: Studying aboard is all about fun

Reality: For some students, studying abroad is an easy way to get away from the boundaries of their homes and have unlimited fun. But, it is a great way to become independent and familiar with different languages and cultures. In reality, studying abroad is an opportunity for you to improve your knowledge and get new perspectives. But yes, you can maintain a healthy balance between study and fun to ensure a perfect study abroad experience.

Myth 3: Employers and businesses do not value international degrees

Reality: If we consider the present globalization rate, any international degree along with relevant work experience (if any) is only going to prove beneficial. It is not anyhow going to affect your employment opportunities. You can develop skills and gain knowledge by acquiring an international degree. It would allow you to prove yourself on a global platform.

Myth 4: Study abroad would require you to spend more time to complete your degree

Reality: The length of the degree program depends on the course chosen by you. While studying abroad, you can find a wide range of courses with different duration. You are free to choose your duration as per your precise learning needs and career objectives. But it is suggested to do adequate research before selecting your country, university, and program/course.

Myth 5: Studying abroad is not a safe practice for Indian students

Reality: So many incidences have taken place in the past. And as a result, parents hesitate to send their children to certain foreign countries for higher studies. You must understand that not all countries are equal. There are places like New Zealand and Germany that are considered highly safe for Indian students. Every reputed international university or college has all the necessary safety regulations and processes to help international students feel safe and settle in. A good university always provides its aspirants with a detailed guide to ensure that they have all the information.

Closing Remarks

Hopefully, you have a clearer picture now and your myths about studying abroad must be sorted. In case, you have some doubts or queries in mind, get in touch with AEC. Here, we have a dedicated team of professionals to help and guide students to make an informed decision. Give us a call on +91-8448446609 or 011-43334444. You can also write your queries to us at

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