5 Reasons why Students love to study in the UK


The UK is the most popular country among the international students after the USA. The United Kingdom, home to a few of the oldest universities in the world attracts students from far and wide. The high cost of studying and living does not deter students from migrating to this country for studies. It is the home of highest paying jobs in the world. It is one country that has always been a favorite with students historically. The reasons why it is preferred by most are listed below:
• International Hub- By studying in the UK, you have millions of opportunity to explore, travel and work in the country of a world-class metropolis: London. With the professional and diverse mix of people, UK has become a pad of international opportunities.
• Quality Education- The UK has some of the most reputed universities to name a few Cambridge University, Oxford, University College London, Imperial College London are among the top universities in the world. The universities are inspected regularly to ensure high standards of education are maintained. Apart from the big names, the UK is recognized by the world for having a solid educational system.
Top Reasons to Study in UKfor Indian Students
• Courses are shorter in duration- The best part is that the undergraduate and graduate courses are shorter than anywhere else in the world. This results in less money being spent on tuition fee and living expenses. The post-graduate degree is generally of only a year.
• Scholarship- It is said that the UK is home of scholarships, a few universities offer full and other offers a partial scholarship. This is one of the best opportunity you can go for as the education in the UK is a little expensive.
• Focused degree- If you are sure of what you want to study, then studying in the UK is best for you. The degrees in the UK are very professionally focused as compared to the broad curriculum in Canadian Universities.
These are the various factors that make it a viable and one of the favorite destinations to study among the students. Degrees achieved here are recognized worldwide by organizations, government, and educational institutes.

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