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Brexit Agreement: EU Citizens Can Stay in UK After Brexit


In a joint press conference on 8th December, an initial Brexit agreement has been accepted by UK Prime Minister Theresa May and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to move on the talks.

The United Kingdom announced that EU citizens living in the UK can stay after Brexit. Most significantly for EU Scientific Community, the agreement provides for reciprocal rights of EU citizens to live, study and work in the UK, and vice versa for British citizens can continue the same in the European Union. Thousands of EU Scientists, who work in the UK, are relieved with the announcement.

As there were some big issues for this initial round of Brexit negotiations, the agreement also promises of no hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. The agreement sets out provisions for the movement of people between the EU and UK, ensuring rights of EU citizens in Britain, UK citizens in EU, rights for their children and partners, no border in Ireland and the financial settlement for the UK’s departure from the European Union.

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