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Cheap Universities in UK

Cheap Universities in UK


The UK is one of the most popular destinations to study abroad especially for the Indian students. With its boastful multiculturalism and internationally reputed universities, the UK harbours people from all over the world. The UK is a little expensive country and the british universities are not very cost efficient. To be real, this is partly true. The reason why British education seems so expensive is not because of the tuition fee, but also the living expenses. London is the most expensive student city in the world for Indian students. The foremost thing is to find a university outside London. Most of the universities that are situated inside London are found to be quite expensive rather than the one which are outside London. Also, brownie points on how it saves your living expenses too. Nevertheless, there is no need to get disheartened as there are some universities that are cheap and affordable and do not compromise with the quality of education too.

Although some British universities don’t come in cheap, many offer affordable tuition fees. So if you’re looking to study without causing a hole in the bank, the UK is pretty adjusting with affordable universities. So, buckle up and don’t get your heart swamped at the fact that you cannot study in the UK, because you surely can! This post brings you the most affordable Universities in the UK for all International Students who have a striking point to make in terms of studying in the beautiful country. Let’s have a look at some of the affordable universities.

  1. Middlesex University- Middlesex is located in  Hendon, northwest London, England. It is one of the affordable and renowned universities with its undergraduate fees accounting to around £10,000- £12000. And postgraduate from £13,000 to £16,000. Middlesex is ranked 701 according to the QS World Rankings 2021.
  2. Newcastle University-  Newcastle University is an extravagant place. Situated in Newcastle, England, it is also a part of the reputed Russell group of universities. The average fee here is around  £17,000 to £23,000 for graduate courses. The fee waiver and scholarships are eminent and can give you relaxation upto  £4,000-  £5,000 depending on your profile too. Isn’t it exciting?
  3. University of Southampton- Southampton is a part of the Russell group and a traditional university. The University of Southampton is a research university in Southampton, England. It is ranked 90th as per the QS world rankings 2021 and 17th in the Complete rankings 2021. The average tuition fees is £19,000 to £25,000. It is an affordable university as part of the Rusel group and still offers you a scholarship  £5000 at maximum. One of the best in the UK, Southampton shudl definitely be on your list.
  4. Aston University- Aston University offers awesome bursaries and scholarships. It is one of the reputable universities in the UK. Aston University is a public research university situated in the city centre of Birmingham, England. It is ranked as #501-500 as per the QS rankings 2021. The best thing about Aston is that Aston University offers various scholarships and study loans to students so that all can have access to education beyond any financial barrier. The fee comes around to be £16,000- £19,000. The student can avail scholarship upto £3,00- £5000.
  5. Teesside University- Teesside University was ranked in the UK’s top 10 universities for student satisfaction rate. The University is the first and only modern university to be named Times Higher Education University of the Year. It enjoys the reputation of a quality education institution. The fees are as low as £10,750 for undergrad courses and  £11,000 for graduate courses.
  6. London metropolitan University- This university is located in London, UK. The course fee for graduate and undergraduate courses is around  £14000-  £16000. The university is an excellent place to upgrade your skills. It provides excellent research facilities.
  7. University of Bolton- Bolton offers some unique degrees in visual arts and is also ranked in the top 14% of universities in the world, 118th in the United Kingdom and 2347th globally 2021. Also, it ranks 1st among universities in Bolton too. The university’s fee is as low as £11,000 for both graduate and undergraduate courses. It also offers international foundation year with a fee of £8500 approx.
  8. University of Surrey- Surrey is situated in Guildford, UK. It is ranked as 267 in the QS world rankings and is ranked 34th in the Complete rankings 2021. The course fee for the courses comes around to be  £14,000-  £16,000. The university also provides the best faculty and amazing scholarships. Surrey is a great place to study at.
  9. University of Stirling- Stirling is located  in Scotland. It is a beautiful university and is located in the central belt of Scotland. Stirling has an amazing staff and 24X7 library. The amount of scholarships that the students receive is £4000. The total tuition fee for the courses is around  £1170. The university specialises in Management.
  10. University of Strathclyde- It is located in Glasgow, Scotland. It specializes in Psychology. Strathclyde also provides great bursaries towards the tuition fee. The average cost for studying here is £15,000 £17000; out of which you may be eligible for the tuition fee loan of up to £5,500 for full time.  There are various University of Strathclyde scholarships including the internships for international students. Apart from the university-based scholarships, there are many other organizations.

There are many other universities that come under the radar of inexpensive, cheap and affordable universities.The above-mentioned ones are some of the best universities in regards to location, excellent facilities and renowned staff.

So if you are looking for studying in the UK, well, worry not! Because we got you covered.

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