Devansh Singh


FH Aachen Freshman Institute, Germany

Course- Mechanical Engineering
“I chose to learn from the best. Better counseling always gives you the best. When it comes to the best counselor, AEC is that very institution. Textbooks can prescribe writing basics, but there is no replacement for a counselor that can say, ‘This is what I say and it led to these results.’ Before I came in contact with AEC, I had no idea of how to plan study abroad and everything. The cordial way the management and staff treated me is an experience I will never forget. They made it so easy and relaxed for me and everything came out in success. I am so grateful for this innovation and leading organization for the opportunity give to me to achieve this dream of mine. I can only pray that God blesses everyone at AEC and fulfill their dream as they fulfilled mine. I am currently a FH-Aachen Freshman Institute’s student and will be pursuing my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Hochschule Rhein waal, Germany. Thanks AEC!! You are the BEST!!”
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