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Everything About the Latest Changes in Australian Post Study Work Visa


There are some several changes in Australian post-study work Visa for students who want to study abroad, post-study work permit is one of the most crucial factors in choosing the country. As per the reports, around 350,427 students visited Australia in 2017 for higher studies. In Australia, the post-study work visa is called the Temporary Graduate Visa (sub-class 485). Recently, the government of Australia has extended the permit for international students. Further, we have given the latest update on the same.

Latest Updates on Australian Post-Study Work Visa

From 16th November 2019, Perth, Gold Coast, and Adelaide are categorized as regional by the government. This will allow the cities’ university graduates to get an additional year of post-study work permit or work rights. In addition to this, the graduates in Darwin city can stay for 2 more years and PhD students can stay up to 6 years.

Even after getting the ‘regional’ status for migration, students of all cities except Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney will not get the benefits of the ‘Destination Australia Scholarships’. Regions listed as the ‘Inner Regional Australia’ to the ‘Very Remote Australia’ will remain eligible for the same. Darwin is the only capital city that has easy access to both the scholarships will have an additional 2 years of post-study work permit.

Cities with Extra Post-Study Work Rights

The following cities will get the benefits of an additional year of post-study work rights in Australia:

  • Perth
  • Adelaide
  • Gold Coast
  • Hobart
  • Illawarra Geelong/ Wollongong
  • Lake Macquarie/ Sunshine Coast Canberra

Study Abroad Australia and Student Visa

You will be allowed and accepted to study in Australia on what is called a study or student visa. This study visa is categorically to undergo a course/program or pursue vocational training. Once the student completes his/her studies, however, the visa validity also expires. Depending on the country, this might expire immediately or after some months or years.

Once it expires, some students apply to get a work permit to continue staying in the country for professional reasons. In Australia, students can apply for the Post-Study Work Permit/Rights or Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) and get the benefits as per the latest norms.

Benefits of Extended Post-Study Work Visa in Australia

Just like the recent extension given by the UK government to international students, this latest extension is also welcomed by overseas everyone all around the world. After this extension, students can now study, live, and find a suitable job in Australia after completing their studies for 2-4 years, depending on the city wherein they are studying in.

It is extremely important to keep in mind that though the Australian universities have appreciated and welcomed the move, students should check and reconfirm whether they are eligible to get the benefits of this extended stay back option before applying to a university.

Final Words

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