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Find the Best Part-Time Jobs in Australia

Part-Time Jobs in Australia
Part-Time Jobs in Australia

Find the Best Part-Time Jobs in Australia

Australia is fast emerging as the third most preferred Study Abroad destination after the U.S.A and U.K. Australia offers affordable education compared to the US or UK. Australia boasts of six best universities among the world’s top 100 universities. As of 2022, around half a million international students are enrolled in Australian Universities. However, to manage the costs of living and Study in Australia, students choose to do Part-Time Jobs in Australia. In this Blog post, we’ll try to explore How much a student can earn in Australia while studying by doing Part-Time jobs. We have also provided lists of types of Part-Time Jobs in Australia for Students.

Regulations for Part-Time Jobs in Australia for Students

  • The student should be in possession of valid Student Visa that allows them to work part-time while studying
  • He is a full-time student of an Australian government approved Study programme
  • The student should meet the minimum attendance requirements of the course.
  • The student should have Overseas Student Health Coverage.
  • As of July 1, 2016, international students who are studying in Australia on a Visa subclass 500 are eligible to work 20 hours every week (40 hours every fortnight) while the course is under way. They can also work an unlimited number of hours during their course break.
  • Students cannot actually start working before the commencement of the course.
  • Students need to obtain a Tax File Number online from the official website to work part-time.
  • Breaking the part-time rules & regulations would lead to visa cancellations.

How to Find Part-Time Jobs in Australia for students?

The most important thing to do before looking for Part-Time Jobs in Australia is to prepare an effective CV. An excellent CV will help you to get a job interview. A Part-time type of job doesn’t require a lot of work experience or excellent academic background. Hence, you can include additional skills or interests in your CV. Let’s see How to Find Part-Time Jobs in Australia for students to make your job search smooth:

  • Online Job Search:  Online Job-sites like Indeed, Glassdoor posts a large number of Jobs in Australia for Students. Search for part-time jobs in Australia and apply to them if it fits your needs.
  • Local Newspapers: Browse through the job-openings section of the local newspaper and apply to the business for more information.
  • References: Since you are new to the university and unfamiliar with the area, it is better to contact the university’s alumni or lecturers for a part-time job reference. Getting a part-time job is easy by reference.
  • Internal Campus Jobs: Search for internal job vacancies for the university and contact the appropriate faculty or department. Library assistants, parking lot attendants, gym assistants, lab assistants, and cleaning are some of the part-time jobs available on the campus.

Top Part-Time Jobs in Australia

  1. Babysitter- As a Babysitter, your role & responsibility would be to feed, bathe, help children with homework, drive them to school, organize activities and put them for naps.
    1. Pay: 15 to 20 AUD$ per week (approx.)
    2. Requirements: Previous experience working with children, Blue Card, & English fluency.
  2. Mail deliverer- A Mail deliverer has to deliver packages which have arrived, follow a route, and fetch outgoing mail. You have to also package which has been delivered signed, and inform the office if any delivery attempt has been failed. It’s a simple, easy to do, & straightforward job. You can also take up night shifts if you wish and can also work on weekends.
    1. Pay: 20 to 22 AUD$ per week (approx.)
    2. Requirements:  Minimum 10th grade pass out, and open to work on weekends & night shifts.
  3. Tutor- If you have been a bookworm from childhood, and always been inclined to teach others, this is then the best Part-Time Jobs in Australia for you. As a Tutor, you have to teach students about difficult subjects & topics, and work for their improvement in studies. Other responsibilities include homework assignments and talking to parents about any problem areas.
    1. Pay: 20 to 30 AUD$ per hour(approx.)
    2. Requirements: A Bachelor’s degree, diploma or any certification, plus fluency in English
  4. Driver- If you love to drive & explore different places, and possess a vehicle of your own, then Personal Driver would be the perfect Part-Time Job in Australia for you. You’ll earn handsomely if you drive safely, & remain cordial with passengers. Even if you don’t have a vehicle of your own, you can sign up as a driver with Uber, or work part-time as a School Driver.
    1. Pay: 20 to 25 AUD$ per hour(approx.)
    2. Requirements: Driver’s license with proper validity, Clean driving record
  5. Personal Trainer- If you’re a health & fitness addict and love to help people to lead a healthy lifestyle, the job of Personal Trainer is a perfect fit for you. Your main responsibilities would include preparing a training plan for them, & teaching them about exercises at gym or home.
    1. Pay: 20 to 30 AUD$ per hour (approx.)
    2. Requirements: A Fitness Trainer certification or a Yoga License
  6. Waiter- Waiter/Waitress part-time jobs in Australia are available at restaurants and hotels. Wages depend on the type of restaurant and the function of the job
    1. Pay: 25 to 30 AUD$ per hour (approx.)
    2. Requirements: A keen interest & knowledge of the hospitality industry. Great communication skills
  7. Bartender- The primary role of bartender is to mix and serve drink orders. They should have knowledge of alcohol pairing & tastes. It is one of the easiest Jobs in Australia for Students. This job is also available in a variety of shifts.
    1. Pay: 22 to 25 AUD$ per hour (approx.)
    2. Requirements: Mixing & serving drink orders, alcohol pairing & tastes, & making traditional & classy drinks.

Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs in Australia for students

Part-Time jobsAverage Pay in AUD (per hour)
Aged care worker35$ (1800 INR approx.)
Customer Service26$ (1300 INR approx.)
Oral Hygienist 32$ (1600 INR approx.)
Secretary 25$ (1300 INR approx.)
Delivery driver21$ (1100 INR approx.)
Sales representative 30$ (1600 INR approx.)
Personal trainer 25$ (1300 INR approx.)

Final Thoughts!

The majority of Part-Time Jobs in Australia are flexible. Most of them pay well also. However, the competition is tough, since the number of applicants is always more than the number of part-time jobs available. Hence, it is always advisable to highlight your competitive skills & strengths in your CV. Part-Time Jobs in Australia for Students also help them to manage their tuition fees & cost of living. However, if extra hours are eating up your valuable study time, it is better to say No!

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