INDONESIANS: Youth is Highly Excited to Study Abroad


Indonesia, beautiful country located in Southeast Asia, is the fourth largest country in the world. With hundreds of ethnic groups, Indonesia is a unique and culturally diverse country. Indonesia is home to around 260 million people in the world and half its citizens are under the age of 30.

Study finds that youth of Indonesia is highly motivated to study abroad for higher education. According to the AFS Survey for Indonesia, eight in ten (81%) of the respondents had considered study abroad for their academic goals. Young Indonesians are found very much interested in pursuing their higher education from a reputable institution in abroad.

Along with academic goals and career profile, Young Indonesians also consider safety and security while considering study abroad destinations. AFS also finds affordability comes as a major concern for Indonesians to study abroad. About 45% youth indicated that they would not be able to study abroad without scholarships. According to the UNESCO report, the top three study abroad destinations for Indonesian students are Australia, the US, and Malaysia.

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