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How to pay tuition fees through Flywire?

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This payment platform provides international students with a secure and simple way of sending payments from their native country. Conforming to the best possible level of security standards, this platform is trusted by more than 1,000 colleges across the globe for educational payments every year. To pay your tuition fee through Flywire, you need to follow the steps given here:

  • Visit the official website of Flywire and click on the ‘Make a Payment’ button
  • Upon clicking the button, a new page will open wherein you need to select the name you want to pay to. For instance, Centennial College
  • Once you select the college, click on ‘Continue’
  • After this, you need to provide your payment info i.e. country name where the payment will come from before clicking on ‘Next’ to choose your preferred payment option from the following – Domestic Bank Transfer in Indian Rupees, VISA: Debit/Credit in the INR, and MasterCard: Debit/Credit in the INR 
  • For instance, you choose to pay through the VISA: Debit/Credit in the INR method. You need to enter all your requested details
  • Upon clicking the ‘Next’, you will need to fill out the details of the receiver
  • It is suggested to review the details entered before making the final payment 
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