Top 10 Reasons to Study in Germany


Top 10 Reasons to Study in Germany
Germany is becoming a higher education paradise for international students. Unlike other countries, you will find many well-known and highly-ranked universities, countless courses and programs to choose from, globally recognized degree along with affordable living costs and better employment opportunities.

Apart from this, the country has a rich and long history along with a dynamic and vibrant lifestyle combining the classics with the modern and the rural with the urban to make your stay memorable. Every year, thousands of students from different corners of the world visit Germany to fulfil their dreams.

If you are also planning for the same but need some motivation, then the following reasons to study in Germany that will help you make an informed decision:

1. Globally recognized and world-class degree

The education system in Germany is considered the best in the world. Hence, the degrees from the German universities automatically mark the international students as the best. For instance, if you get a degree in science or engineering, you will get an edge over others as the country is famous for providing research-based and industry-specific courses in these subjects.

2. An extensive range of educational facilities

There are around 450 accredited universities along with more than 17,500 courses and programs to choose from. Almost every subject or field is catered by these universities at different academic levels. Here, you can find career-centric bachelor’s, master’s, and even doctorate programs that are majorly focused on scientific studies. If you are thinking about art subjects, you will get them too.

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3. Courses available in English

Not familiar with the German language? Need not to worry as the universities in Germany offer many courses in English especially at the master’s level. Since the options are endless, you can study your preferred degree in English.

4. Larger international communities for students

A considerable portion of the communities at universities come from foreign backgrounds. These communities make everything easy for students so that they can get adjusted to the lifestyle in Germany. These communities also provide amazing opportunities to interact with several cultures and traditions from different countries. Moreover, the universities (with special mentoring programs) and other students help each other adjust to the new surroundings faster.

5. Lower tuition fees

In most of the cases, the universities and colleges do not charge any tuition fee. And in case they do, the amount tends to be nominal. In addition to this, the government of Germany offers several funding options. Here, you can study various bachelor’s degree courses and programs without paying any tuition fees. Even though you will need to pay some amount for master’s degrees, it would be lower than other popular destinations.

6. Affordability makes Germany a popular study abroad destination

The living costs in this country are more affordable and reasonable when compared to other popular destinations in Europe. The cost of accommodation, food, and other living expenses are not so high. In addition to this, students can get several concessions. For instance, the entry fees to different buildings and institutions like museums and theatres are fairly low for students.

7. Explore various scholarship schemes and programs to support your studies

In Germany, all international students with exceptional academic records can choose from a variety of scholarship programs to financially support their education. The German Academic Exchange Service and DAAD are one of the top-rated scholarship organizations not just in Germany but in the world. International students can easily find a suitable scholarship program to manage certain expenses of their studies.

8. An opportunity to learn a new and popular language – German

German is one of the most popular languages across the world. Even though the courses are available in English, you can take out some time to learn this language. Learning a new language or knowing an international language will help you stand out and get better yet international career opportunities.

9. Germany is a safe country

While choosing Germany or any other destination, students often ask, how safe is the place or country for me? Germany is known for its multicultural society with rare racism incidents. Germany is typically a safe country for international students as the crime rate here is quite low. This means safety is not a topic you need to be concerned about.

10. You will have a chance to explore this country

Germany is undeniably one of the most beautiful countries with numerous mesmerizing attractions. Natural wonders, a rich historical heritage, and a modern lifestyle make this country a must-visit destination. For international students, the country will provide them with opportunities to explore and enjoy Europe at its best while studying at one of the best and highly-ranked universities in the world.

Final Takeaway

Now since you know the “Top 10 Reasons to Study in Germany”. So, planning to study in Germany? If yes, then we can help you find the right university and course as per your previous education, skills, work experience (if any), interest, and career objectives. You can come to us and our dedicated career counsellors will help you shortlist the best-fit options.

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