Top 5 Career Options for 2020 and Beyond


What are the best career options for 2020 and beyond? How will things change? Is it possible to start preparing today for the jobs of tomorrow? Many of us would have definitive answers to these simple questions. But, of course, no one can tell you what the future holds. But yes, we can make guesses based on current and past trends. Even though these guesses can help us visualize some astonishing possibilities, one thing we all know – change will keep happening.

So, predicting the best career options jobs for 2020 and beyond will require understanding various possible variables that may interact in surprising and complex ways. Some futuristic jobs will possibly result in today’s technological and scientific progress.

In this post, we will discuss some occupations that are available even today but will continue to be a part of the future and undergo changes just like everything else. Some of the following occupations may transform into something completely new, while some will remain the same. Without wasting more time, check out the best career options for 2020 and beyond:

  1. Business Analysts: In the next one or two decades businesses will have more and more access to automation and data. In addition to this, analyzing industry trends and keeping an eye on the market competition will be more important. Business analysts will be needed even more to spend time drawing conclusions and presenting them to the concerned department or management. To succeed in this field, a candidate will need impressive soft skills. One can combine specialization with their experience (if any) to work on more lucrative positions.
  2. Marketing Analysts: Evolving technology will help businesses produce more cost-efficient products than ever. To stand out from the crowd, businesses will invest more in sales and marketing. One such existing and probably a futuristic job profile is a marketing analyst. These professionals will have more relevant information to make decisions. This is one of the reasons why these professionals, at present, spend more time gathering and processing data. Soon, marketing analysts will be working on software that will help them fasten the processing for them. The most important part of this job profile will shift away from finding patterns to drawing useful conclusions from those patterns. This trend will be seen soon in this and related job roles.
  3. Software Developers: You already knew software developers or engineers would be on the list. However, soon it won’t be enough for a person to know how to code. Machine learning and artificial intelligence will replace the grunt work of all entry-level programmers. Even though this profile exists currently, professionals and budding developers need to add machine learning to their skills set to survive and stay relevant. A desirable software developer/engineer will have high-level skills such as understanding of artificial intelligence and data structure.
  4. Information Security Professionals: The future holds more data along with various ways to exploit it. A business will need employees to provide more protection. Professionals in the IT security sector will be in higher demand to provide this necessary protection. The nature of the work of these professionals is not likely to change much. But, yes, to stay relevant and in-demand in this field will become more difficult because new threats are developed with each passing day.
  5. Physical Therapists: As human beings live longer, the medical field will continue to boom. Physicians and nurses are not the only promising career choices but the physical therapist is also on the top of the futuristic job roles list. A physical therapist is another great and promising career option in the market for budding professionals. One can secure an assistant-level position with a 4-year degree and training.

Final Words

It is true that some of the best and promising career options for the future already exist, and by learning the essential skills for one type of career, it will become easier for you to enter the desired field. If you are still studying or planning to go for higher education abroad, you can check out the options listed above to give yourself a foundation for the opportunities that are yet to come.

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