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UAE announced 10-year Visas for ‘Exceptionally Talented’ Students


The United Arab Emirates is taking a great move to attract the talent and foreign investment in UAE. On Sunday 20th May, The UAE cabinet has announced 5-year visas for students. The “exceptional students” can even get 10-year Visas to stay in the country. Right now, most students need to apply to renew their visa every year.

The UAE will now allow foreign companies, establishing a business in the country, to own 100% of their business. The UAE Prime Minister and Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum also announced 10-year residency visas for specialists working in medicine, scientific, research and technical fields.

In a statement to Gulf NewsMohammad Abdullah, managing director of Dubai International Academic City and Dubai Knowledge Park, said “The UAE Cabinet’s announcement of new student visa regulations is positive news. We expect that this will further boost the UAE’s position as a global education hub, and encourage the retention of talented students after graduation. We are confident that the new rules will support the diversification efforts of the government, as well as make the UAE a leading destination for students and professionals alike.”

The new visa rules will give a chance for students to flourish, study with peace of mind and help them find jobs as well.  The new rules will have a significant positive effect on the higher education sector in the UAE.

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