What does it Cost to Study in New Zealand?

Cost to Study in New Zealand
Cost to Study in New Zealand

What does it Cost to Study in New Zealand?

New Zealand is an island country located in the Pacific Ocean. Famous for its natural beauty, Maori culture, and its rugby team. According to last 2021 statistics, more than 1 lakhs international students were enrolled in higher studies. Those who are planning to Study Abroad in New Zealand must get an approximation of the Cost of Studying in New Zealand. Besides the tuition fee, International students also have to bear other living expenses in New Zealand such as foods & groceries, utilities, phone & internet, transport & other miscellaneous expenses. So, what does it Cost to Study in New Zealand? In this blog, we’ll throw some light on the Cost to Study in New Zealand. Let’s find out!

Why Study in New Zealand?

  • High Quality of life
  • Safest & friendliest place in the world
  • Warm and friendly community
  • Earn while you learn
  • Post study work visa

Admission Requirements

Tuition Fees is an important part of Cost of Studying in New Zealand. The fee structure is different from one university to another. To manage the overall Cost of Studying in New Zealand, a student can work part-time 20 hours a week or apply for a scholarship. Arts subjects streams such as education & humanities are less expensive than medicine & engineering programs. Post-graduate degree programs are typically higher than undergraduate degree programs. MBA programs are one of the most expensive. Let’s see the general cost estimates for different types of degree programs.

Degree ProgramAnnual Fees (in NZ$)
Undergraduate degree20,000-32,000 (approx.)
Master’s degree26,000-37,000 (approx.)
Doctoral degree7,000-10,000 (approx.)
MBA30,000-50,000 (approx.)
Diplomas/Certificates12.000-18,000 (approx.)

Tuition Fees at Public Universities

The New Zealand government supports the Public Universities. Public universities provide top-class higher education at most affordable costs. 

Degree programAnnual Fees (per year) (NZ$)
Bachelor’s degree4,000-6,000 (approx.)
Master’s degree7,500-10,500 (approx.)
PhD degree3,700-5,000 (approx.)

Tuition Fees at Private Universities

Private universities charge more fees in comparison to Public Universities. Tuition fees start from 20,000 NZD (approx.) upwards per annum.

Living Expenses in New Zealand

  • Accommodation costs On-Campus residence facilities are also known as Halls of Residence. This is one of the most affordable options to live in. However, you have to apply for it fast since applicants are more and availability is less. You can choose either fully-catered or semi-catered. In Off-Campus type of accommodation, you can share apartments with other students. You can choose to stay to live in a homestay with a local family. Homestay provides 3 meals a day, laundry & cleaning services, internet & phone utilities. 
Accommodation typeCost per week (NZ$)
Hall of Residence (On-Campus)$200-$550 (approx.)
Hostels and Guesthouses$140-$210 (approx.)
Shared Rental$120-$125 (approx.)
Private flat$200-$215 (approx.)
  • Cost of Living- Besides the Tuition Fees & Accommodation costs, you have to keep some money aside for other expenses such as Foods, Groceries, Phones, Internet, Transport & other miscellaneous expenses. Always try to keep track of your expenditure, so that you don’t overspend. Keep in mind these expenses also when making a budget plan for overseas study.                  
General ExpensesMonthly Expenditure
Food & Groceries80-100 NZD (approx.)
Transport (Public)40-80 NZD (approx.)
Phone & Internet55 NZD (approx.)
Entertainment50-100 NZD (approx.)
Medical Expenses45-120 NZD (approx.)
Clothing215-300 NZD (approx.)
Outside Eating110-160 NZD (approx.)
Electricity/Gas/Water100 NZD (approx.)

Costs for Student Health Insurance in New Zealand

International students planning to study in New Zealand will require health insurance coverage. Health insurance will cover treatment costs for medical emergencies. The cost of insurance fees varies between 400 NZ$ TO 600 NZ$.

Student Visa Fees- International students have to pay for a student visa besides paying for tuition fees. Student visas will make them eligible to study and work part-time also in New Zealand. A student has to pay 330 NZD (15,000 INR) as a fee for a Student Visa.

Last Thoughts!

New Zealand is a beautiful & relaxing country. New Zealand provides quality education to all international students. Studying abroad in New Zealand can prove to be an expensive affair. However, you can manage to reduce the living expenses in New Zealand by a proper budget plan. Consider other expenses such as accommodation, foods, groceries, phone, internet, transport, health insurance plan & other miscellaneous expenses while calculating the Cost of Studying in New Zealand.

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