Why Choose to Study in Ireland?


If you are planning to embark on a journey and kick-start your higher education to study in Ireland as an international destination that offers you affordable yet quality education, rich city life, vibrant cultural values, and beautiful nature, then Ireland is the best place for you. This country offers everything from some of the highly-ranked universities in the world and easy access to English to mesmerizing views and rich history.

Universities/colleges in Ireland offer various programs i.e. full-fledged degree courses and short-term programs in a wide range of disciplines. If these are not enough, the following are some more convincing reasons to go to this country:

Reason 1: You will always get something to do, see or study in Ireland

This is one of the few rare nations that has successfully managed to preserve its historical and natural beauty regardless of continuous development. This makes it a great destination for higher studies, especially for those who like the combination of great outdoors and urban luxuries.

There are so many amazing places to explore that include the Giant’s Causeway and the Cliffs of Moher. And the best thing about this place is that you do not need to travel far to find one. You can also inquire about Snooking, Hurling, and Gaelic Football if you love sports. Hence, it is safe to say that you will never feel bored or tired while studying in Ireland.

Reason 2: The academic system is just amazing to study in Ireland

If you are in doubt – if an Irish university or college will have the course or program you are looking for, then we will say only one thing: do not worry. Universities in Ireland offer extensive and diversified degree programs in various disciplines. Some highly considered and popular disciplines include technology, chemistry, and pharmaceuticals.

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Reason 3: Studying here is an opportunity for you to learn a new language or two

Although Gaelic is a unique language, the primary language spoken here is English. Do not worry at all, if you are not good at English, you can join the English courses offered by the Irish universities to improve skills. There are numerous opportunities for students to learn other languages and advance their foreign language skills. If you want to learn English and Irish including the distinct Gaelic, then this country could be your best bet.

Reason 4: Explore the work opportunities available for students to study in Ireland

For some students, earning money while studying abroad is extremely important. The government of Ireland allows students to apply and get a green card or work permit. Some universities in Ireland provide their students with internship opportunities as well so that they can acquire hands-on experience in their discipline. In addition to this, there are several study abroad loans available to help international students support their higher education in Ireland. You can also make the most of scholarship schemes available for financial aids before applying to a specific university or program.

Reason 5: Studying in Ireland is an opportunity for you to expand your global awareness and experience

Studying in an overseas location puts a student in a situation wherein they learn about the real-world challenges and their hidden potential of dealing with day-to-day problems alone. By choosing Ireland as your next destination, you can test yourself and gain new experiences every day. This could be a lifetime experience for you that will ultimately help you shape your future.

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Reason 6: Studying abroad – it looks amazing on the CV and impresses employers

Employers, generally, look for education, skills, and life experiences. Studying abroad demonstrates your hunger to learn and grow. It will help you learn to work with others and open your mind to new ideas. By studying abroad, you can get so many opportunities to meet different people from different countries and cultures to expand your professional network. It is believed that students who choose to stay away from their homes for study abroad have amazing time management skills and tend to be more independent. When it comes to job opportunities, this experience will also work in your favour.

Reason 7: Irish history and culture are unique

In 1922, Ireland gained its independence from the United Kingdom. However, the history of this beautiful place stretches back much further than this. Dún Aonghasa is one of the oldest forts in the whole world as it was built in 1100 B.C. This is just an example of how beautiful and rich history this country holds. While studying in Ireland, you can enjoy the rich culture, distinctive music, sports activities, and mesmerizing beauty. To put it simply, this country provides you with the perfect opportunity to enjoy here.

Final Words

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