The 5 Most Popular Cities for International Students in the UK

International Students in the UK

The 5 Most Popular Cities for International Students in the UK

The UK holds the distinction of being the finest study-back overseas destination in Europe and the second-best in the world for good reason. It boasts some of the best and greatest universities in the world, cutting-edge teaching methods, a diverse culture, world-famous tourist destinations, and an abundance of degree programs to choose from. However, each UK city offers a special offering that might help you advance personally and professionally. However, some places get to the top of the list due to things like good education, career prospects, a welcoming culture, etc. So if you want to study in UK and are wondering which towns have the finest students, you’ve come to the perfect spot! Through this blog, we are going to discuss popular cities for international students in the UK, international students in the UK, and some facts of Study in the UK. So let’s begin.

International students in the UK

The chance to study abroad in the UK is fantastic. You may make new friends, encounter various cultures, and benefit from some incredible chances that you would not have access to back home. Continue reading to learn more about what it takes to be an international student enrolled in a UK university. The first universities that come to mind while considering studying abroad are always British colleges. Some of the most well-known colleges in the world are located in the UK. They provide their pupils with a top-notch education and international exposure. The future holds many options for students. There are several prestigious universities in the UK. Worldwide recognition of UK college degrees is also quite high. International students in the UK do not face many challenges in terms of finding a job.

Popular cities for international students in the UK

  • London- When it comes to popular cities for international students in the UK, London always tops the list. With 40 colleges and universities and the distinction of being the greatest student town in the world for 2022, London is without a doubt the top choice for students from across the world looking to study abroad. Aside from being known for its academic prowess, the capital city offers its brilliant young minds a wide range of possibilities for leisure pursuits, including proximity to the greatest pubs and restaurants, theaters, museums, and landscapes with breathtaking scenery. However, the cost of living in London is far greater compared to other UK cities, so you must always keep an eye on your budget. Given that, you might be concerned about locating a decent and affordable rental property without spending a fortune. Not to worry! In London, there are still many possibilities for inexpensive student living that are both valuable and comfortable enough to feel at home.
  • Edinburgh- Coming second on the list of popular cities for international students in the UK is the city of Edinburgh. Scotland’s beautiful capital city draws millions of tourists every year, but it is also a top choice for foreign students looking to study abroad, earning Edinburgh the 12th spot on the list of QS Best Student Cities for 2022. Numerous international institutions in Edinburgh provide its younger people with the best possible education. The institutions in this region also put a strong emphasis on giving students a seamless academic and professional experience that improves their technical knowledge. Edinburgh is known for its stunning architecture, tremendous natural beauty, and rich cultural legacy. Students who study in this magnificent city are fortunate to visit some of its well-known tourist destinations, such as Arthur’s Seat and Edinburgh Castle.
  • Glasgow- Another magnificent city from Scotland, Glasgow, follows on the list of popular cities for international students in the UK. It is proudly ranked 28th on the QS Best Student Cities 2022 list. Glasgow is renowned for its thriving culture, welcoming locals, illustrious music scene, breathtaking heritage, and outstanding academic background! The cosmopolitan city, often known as “Scotland With Style,” is a great alternative for your overseas study experience. There are many appropriate and aesthetically pleasing alternatives for student housing in Glasgow accessible for international students due to the abundance of employment and internship possibilities as well as the low cost of living.
  • Manchester- Manchester, regularly alluded to as being one of the nicest and most reasonably priced UK towns, has rightfully earned the 30th position in QS’s list of the Best Student Cities for 2022. If you want to enroll in the city, you will be happy to find a multicultural and welcoming community where residents are eager to engage and support overseas students in any way they can. The city also has two internationally renowned football clubs, Manchester United and Manchester City Football, and is noted for its intense passion for the game. If you are a devoted fan of the game, you may go to the Football Association Museum, which is in the heart of Manchester.
  • Coventry- Coventry is another excellent UK city for foreign students to reside in, having earned the 42nd spot on the list of QS Best Student Cities for 2022. In addition to being one of the most reasonably priced cities in the UK, Coventry was named the “UK City of Heritage for 2021.” Coventry is a bustling city with a large student presence that provides its young foreign residents with a diversified culture, amazing nightlife scenes, breathtaking tourist destinations, beautiful green areas, and more! The city is renowned for hosting athletic events in the city center, including rugby and ice hockey.

Facts about study in the UK

  • Below are some facts about study in the UK
  • Large Expertise Fields; More than 4000 Program Options.
  • Programs with possible work experience.
  • A master’s degree can be earned in a year.
  • For higher education institutions, just 15 years of schooling are needed.
  • UK education is inexpensive.
  • 20 hours per week of part-time work while enrolled in degree-related courses.
  • working full-time over the holidays (40 hrs. per week).
  • High-ranking institutions in the UK provide Foundation and Pre-Masters Programs for students.
  • There are accessible scholarships, bursaries, and student discounts.
  • One unified application is used for all five undergraduate courses.
  • There is no application cost for graduate programs.
  • Simple visa and admissions processes.
  • The SAT, GMAT, or GRE are not necessary.
  • IELTS is not required for admission.
  • swift application determination.
  • Suitable Two-Year Post-Study Work.


For any student, choosing the right city for their future studies is unquestionably an important choice. The UK has established itself as having some of the top student cities in the globe throughout the years. Through this blog, we discussed popular cities for international students in the UK, international students in the UK, and some facts of Study in the UK. We hope that the blog was informative and was able to clear all doubts.

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