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A Bright Career Abroad

A Bright Career Abroad Has Many Stories to be Read


Many of us have a dream to study in the USA. Studying abroad requires a lot of research in this domain. Apart from the children, the parents are also required to support their children in the best way possible. The support requires emotional and financial support as well. The building block of a bright career and future is modest education. The fine education usually begins from the very beginning. It begins when the child first learns to read and write. It is the responsibility of the parents to give prime education to their children. Once the school education is over, the child heads towards higher education. Prime school education is the base of the pyramid of success. Once a child crosses the boundaries of school, the child needs to get themselves future-ready. This is done by getting a top university education.

Why America?

America is a developed nation and has evolved with advancements. This country has raised heads out of opportunities. This makes the USA one of the most aspired hubs for higher education. The breath-taking infrastructure with sprawling office premises is attracting students from all around the world. If you cannot make necessary alone, there are prime institutes across the country to help you make your dream of sending your child abroad. They train your child in the best way possible and help with all the official documentation. This makes the dream of studying abroad come true.

Why Out of India?

We desire nothing but the best for our children. School life is the building block for higher education, and higher education is the building block for a bright career. Getting a good job in the competitive market is not an easy job. Getting groomed for a good job requires a decent and formal university education. Studying abroad remains unmatched more than any other alternatives available. However, many aspects are to be kept in mind before sending your child abroad for studying apart from merit.

Questions that Cross Our Minds and Their Answers:

  • There are several options for higher education abroad, especially in the USA. A master’s degree is the minimum course available in the universities in the USA. The ticket to a master’s degree in the universities abroad is a bachelor’s degree. The bachelor’s degree is awarded in various subjects like law, science, humanities, and management. The respective degrees like BBA, B.Sc, and M.Sc form the eligibility criteria for getting admission in the master’s degree in the USA. The master’s degree in the universities there involves 1 to 2 years of academic course work. The degree does not demand only academic courses but also substantial research work. There is another option or rather supplement to the master’s degree in the USA. This degree of Graduate Certificate is awarded to the students who complete a short duration of the course work. This course is of much shorter duration as compared to the master’s degree. There is another short-term course that awards a Diploma to the students during the bachelor academic course work. This diploma is used to emphasize more professional training rather than academic training.
  • Although different courses have different criteria for admission, there are some basic rules and regulations that need to be followed. One of them is GPA score. The best part is that the colleges in India are also now shifting their marking schemes into the GPA system. This system is at par with the admission criterion in universities abroad. For getting into some top universities in the USA, the minimum GPA score should be between 3.0 and 4.0. A high GPA score may increase the probability of getting admission into the universities in the USA. Apart from the GPA score, many universities require the students to clear the international levels of examinations like GMAT and GRE. Academic assessment of GPA score establishes the eligibility of the candidates. This is important for getting admission into universities abroad.
  • The language criterion is another important criterion to be kept in mind while seeking admission to universities abroad. Most of the universities in the US provides the coursework in English. Students who have fluency in English can have easy access to admission to the universities. However, the students who do not have proper English fluency needs to crack another examination. This will test the proficiency of the English language of such students. Many universities in the USA demands the score in the TOEFL test. The cut-off marks are usually set by the respective universities that are generally above 560. This cut-off mark of 560 is generally set for the paper-based test, while a range between 80-90 is set for the internet-based test. There is another test for examining English proficiency. This test IELTS demands a score of above 8.2 to get admission in prime institutes in the USA.
  • Most of the institutes in the USA follow a semester different from other institutes all over the country. They usually follow a dual system of the semester. In India, the students are allowed to enter a particular course in the first semester. In the USA, things are different in the case of semesters. In the USA, students are allowed to pursue their studies as per their requirements or availability. The students can enter the semester even at the beginning of the second semester also. However, other factors are associated with the admission procedure. There are generally 2 semesters followed in the universities in the USA. One is the Fall Semester that begins in late August or the beginning of September. Another semester is the Spring Semester that begins in the early weeks of January.

There is an overall Visa requirement for the students to commence their studies in the USA. The students apply for an F1 student visa, and this visa demands the acceptance proof letter by the defined university. There can be a scheduled and formal interview at the Embassy. Student visa applicants are usually given preference. The cost factor is also one of the prime factors to be kept in mind to study abroad in the USA.

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