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Going to Germany for higher studies? Need guidance? If you’re looking for a consultancy, overseas study consultant for Germany in Delhi, come visit us at AEC. AEC educates and motivates students, giving them all the vital abilities and information expected to connect viably and effectively with the neighbourhood just as worldwide networks turn into a culturally perceptive citizen. We don’t work just as a study abroad consultant; we are a guide and support that will help you in getting settle abroad.

Services provided by us

  • Explore multiple options – AEC encourages you to explore various alternatives for universities that you can go for. A short comprehension of what college to go for is required so you can choose in the like manner. Components that may influence his/her choice to incorporate the charge structure, nature of college and training, city, area, accessible accommodation, and job requirements, if any. Essentially, the school should coordinate your desires and should expand the level in any professional way that you pick. On the off chance that there are disarrays, you can generally apply to different colleges when you have considered us. Experience is something that matters the most in choices like these.
  • Local guide for SOP and LOR – At AEC, we will guide you to get the Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letter of Recommendation (LOR), which is fundamental for getting the visa and required in the application cycle. You need to settle on educated choices that will assist you with experiencing this cycle easily with no problems. We set up students altogether to confront the troublesome inquiries that may emerge during the way towards applying for a visa. We make the students adequately capable of responding to all the inquiries quietly and mentor the students.
  • Pick the right course– At AEC, we are proficient about the viewpoints that include picking the correct course and the correct college to go for as per the option the student picks. We will make sure that the process is trouble-free and open to you. Our work is to put the students in the ideal spot, contemplating their previous college, education, experiences, capacities, comforts and distresses, and career-related destinations.
  • Guidance with visa – Getting a visa is something wherein a student may have an extraordinary troublesome circumstance. We help the student to grab the right reports while being aware of documentation. This documentation part ought to be done faultlessly while getting the help of somebody fit and having all the information. We help the student with everything, from having imperative and real documentation to getting ready for the gathering and dealing with those extraordinary requests viably; we set up the students with our expert guidance.
  • Scholarship opportunities– We provide students with the maximum opportunities we can grab, and if the student is eligible, we make sure the student gets the scholarship.

Popular study streams in Germany

Engineering and Technology, Business, Healthcare Management. Whether you’re still evaluating probable courses, confused between different fields of education, or have no plan about the type of career you wish for, we can help you in finding the finest course and getting your university application processed. It might appear to be justifiable; however, your learning, encounters, and zone of significance are the primary stage to look for your fantasy course. Moreover, your particular course is acceptable to put you on a course to a profession you’ll be committed to for as long as you can remember. 

Why AEC?

When you settle on your preferred course choice, we’ll help you pick the ideal instructive foundation for you. Come to AEC today if you want to study overseas consultant for Germany in Delhi and experience the best guidance you’ll ever get!

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