Is it easy to get an Irish Student Visa?

Irish Student Visa

Is it easy to get an Irish Student Visa?

Renowned for its research capabilities, Ireland is one of the top countries to study abroad. Every non-EU student has to apply for an Ireland student visa for studying in Irish universities. While it may appear challenging from outside, the success rate of an Irish study visa is fairly good enough.

Indian students who want to pursue higher studies in Ireland should apply for a student visa.  They’ve to fulfill the eligibility requirements set by INIS (Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service). The process for an Irish student visa is very much organized and without any trouble if started on time. Ireland has a fairly high visa success rate and rejection is low. To make things easy for you, here’s a comprehensive guide on Is it easy to get an Ireland Student Visa and become worry-free?  

Benefits of an Ireland Student Visa

A Student visa from Ireland is given to any student enrolled at a recognized Irish University.  It is basically a non-immigrant visa that doesn’t require the holder to obtain Irish Citizenship.

Let’s see some of the Benefits of an Ireland Student Visa

  • Study in a recognized Irish University without any complications.
  • Get access to the world of innovation and research in an Irish University
  • Get an opportunity to great work opportunities
  • Stay and study in Ireland for a particular duration without any hassle
  • You become eligible for up to 20 hours of part-time work per week during semester time or up to 40 hours per week during semester break.

Types of Student Visa in Ireland

For non-EU or EEA candidates, you’ve to apply for a visa to study in Ireland. There are two types of Ireland Student Visa:

  • C-type Study Visa: This type of visa is for your study course that is less than 3 months duration (90 days).
  • D-type Study Visa: When the course is longer than 3 months.

The type of Student visa will depend on the duration of the program. Accordingly, as soon as you receive your offer letter of acceptance, then apply from the type of Ireland student visa.

Requirements for an Ireland student visa

  • Application form- You’ve to submit the Application Form duly signed and dated along with the applicable fee. Also, please attach the supporting documents mentioned below along with the application form. If you don’t submit the required documents, there is a chance of Ireland Student Visa refusal. The refusal reason will be the lack of sufficient documentation.
  • Application Letter- Your application letter should mention your full name and postal address. It should also include:
    • Valid reason for coming to Ireland
    • The planning dates of arrival and leaving
    • Provide details of any members of your family if they are currently in Ireland, or any other EU Member State.
    • If the course or the program you want to pursue does not naturally relate to your educational/employment history, then provide valid reasons with proof of documentary evidence for the change.

The application letter should also include a commitment from you for:

  • Fully obey the conditions of your visa
  • You’ll not depend on public services such as public hospitals or become a State burden
  • Leave Ireland as soon as possible after the expiry of your immigration permission
  • Not more than 6 months old two-color passport-sized photographs- You’ve to print your name and visa application reference number on the back of color passport-size photographs.
  • Your active passport- Your current passport has to be valid for at least 12 months after your expected date of arrival in Ireland.
  • Submit Offer Letter from the University- The Letter of Acceptance should include:
    • A confirmation that you have been accepted and enrolled for a full-time course
    • Provide the details of the course you’ll be pursuing
    • Provide the details of the amount of fees payable for your course
    • Information about the amount you paid.
    • Inform if the college has deducted medical insurance on your behalf.
  • Proof for any gaps in the educational history- You’ve to give details of any gaps since your last period of full time education. The gap should also contain the periods of time until your application to study in Ireland. Take care to provide the full details of your employment history. The universities need this if you have filled any gap in education by the employment history.
  • Proof of fee payment to college- You’ve to submit a copy of an Electronic Transfer of Funds (ETF) to the Irish Bank of the college. The details to be provided should include details of the beneficiary’s name, address, bank details and the same set of details for the sender. You can also submit a valid receipt showing proof that the course fees have been lodged to an approved student fees payment service. For e.g, Pay to Study the electronic fee payment service (formerly known as International Student Payments Service (ISPS).
  • Proof of your academic ability to follow your chosen course- You’ve to submit evidence that you are capable enough to follow your chosen course. For example, submit the previous exam results or qualifications.
  • Proof of your level of English- Provide proof of your capacity to pursue your chosen course through the medium of English. This is essential if you’re pursuing an English language course. You have to prove your basic command over English before coming to Ireland. You’ve to submit a Certificate from the English language test provider along with your visa application. The certificate should include the results of your English language test. On the other hand, if you’re pursuing a course in the Irish language, then you also have to prove that you have the capacity to do so. This should include a written statement from the school or college showcasing your ability to speak and write in Irish.
  • Finances or Funds proof- You have to submit proof of enough funds to support your stay in Ireland. This proof of funds will not depend on the public funds, or dependence on casual employment.
  • Private Medical Insurance- Your Letter of Acceptance from the college must include details about the Private Medical Insurance arranged on your behalf.  If your college fails to arrange, then you’ve to organize the Private Medical Insurance for yourself. Please provide proof of Medical Insurance along with the application.
  • Previous Visa Refusals- You’ve also to submit the details if you’ve been refused a visa in the past for any country. You also have to submit the original letter issued to you by the authorities of that country along with your application. If you fail in disclosing any previous visa refusals, it may lead to Ireland Study Visa refusal.
  • Summary of finances Ireland Study Visa application- All applicants for a long stay Ireland Student Visa have to complete this form.

Ireland Student Visa Processing Time

The processing time for Student Visa is generally 4-8 weeks from the date of application. It can take longer if you forget to submit any required documents. Please ensure that you submit everything the first time. Although the Success rate of Student Visa is high, it is always better to apply in advance and not wait. Otherwise, you can face Irish Visa refusal.


Is an Ireland Student Visa easy to get?

It is very easy to get an Ireland Student Visa if you fulfill all the requirements of Ireland Visa authorities.

How Much are Ireland Student Visa Fees from India?

The Ireland student visa fees from India is very much affordable. The single-entry visa costs only INR 4,100 only (approx.)

What is Ireland Study Visa Success Rate?

The Student Visa success rate is as great as 94% as compared to other European Countries. Visa rejection rates stand at 1-4%. It means most of the Student Visa will be accepted by the university.

Final Thoughts!

Ireland  is one of the most popular study abroad destinations for higher education among Indians. To achieve your goal of studying in Ireland, you must complete a lengthy list of tasks such as choosing the correct course or university, following the admission procedure, visa requirements,  searching for suitable accommodation, etc. 

However, the most important of these tasks is to obtain a Ireland student visa to Study in Ireland. Students are generally advised to begin working on their visa applications as soon as possible after their preferred university accepts them. Ireland has its own set of policies you need to follow when applying as a student for a Ireland Study visa.

Obtaining an Ireland student visa is not so difficult, and this blog post helps you to provide an answer to Is it easy to get an Ireland Student Visa. Please like and share this blog!

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