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Going abroad to pursue higher education is a cherished dream of many students. These days it is common for students to aspire to study abroad and get a degree from a reputed college. Many countries are top favourites of students when it comes to foreign education due to the quality of education, lifestyle, future career prospects, etc. 

New Zealand is one of the most preferred countries by students aspiring for higher education from top universities. The country has some of the internationally renowned and prestigious universities in the world. New Zealand is very well established in the international education space across the globe. All of the eight universities in NZ are ranked among the top 3% of the universities in the world. They have a thorough quality assurance system which also ensures the integrity of their degree course. The graduates have a great learning experience during the course of education, and they also develop various skills such as critical thinking, communication skills, etc. 

It is a crucial decision that students make when they decide to pursue a degree abroad. There are many challenges in the journey, and it is not as easy as it seems to be. Mere plans are not enough. Right from choosing a suitable course to university and getting a visa to admission application, you need to work hard before you can make your dream of foreign education come true. There are so many documents needed and arrangements to be made. It can be really tough for the students and their parents.

An experienced hand can ease the complexities and help you get through the journey. We at AEC offer the required guidance and support at each step so that you can make informed choices about your career. If you are looking for an overseas study consultant for New Zealand in Kanpur, our team of professionals can help. 

Why Study in New Zealand?

The higher education system in New Zealand is quite similar to the British system. This means that the qualification that students get in New Zealand can be transferred with the institutions present in both UK and Australia. The universities in NZ offer various courses that span from certification to doctorate programs. Few courses are run only for one semester, while others can start with mid-academic year. These institutions are vocationally oriented and have a practical approach that consists of learning from different university courses. 


If you wish to enter into undergraduate education in NZ, you need a senior high school diploma that can be considered equivalent to the education offered in NZ. If you come from a non-English speaking country, all the documents must be translated. In few cases, the institution that you wish to apply for might ask for a qualification assessment by renowned NZQA. This might cost you a bit and will take almost eight weeks. 

For post-graduation education, the same rule applies for translation and assessment. However, in most countries, it is easy to get entry with a similar course structure. You need to be a bachelor’s degree holder for getting into a field that you wish to opt for a postgraduate course. 

Working while studying

Working along with studying can be helpful in NZ. The work experience can help in supporting you financially when you study abroad. Gaining work experience in New Zealand will help in developing communication skills, teamwork spirit, time management, interpersonal skills, and workplace relevant English language skills. You can find part-time as well as full-time work opportunities. 

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