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Points to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Study Abroad Consultant


Study abroad is undeniably an excellent investment if backed by proper guidance and knowledge. However, choosing the right country, university, and program is the key. This is the point where the role of a study abroad consultant comes into the light. Aboard education consultants differ in a myriad of ways i.e. functioning, specialization, etc. It is true that the popularity of overseas education is increasing and so as the consultants in the market. Now the main question is that when there are countless options, how will you find the best and reliable one?

In this post, we will discuss the points that students, as well as their parents, should keep in their mind while choosing a study abroad consultant for their needs. Let us get started with the first point!

Numero Uno: Gather information about the credentials of the consultant you are going to approach

With an endless number of study abroad consultants around, it is paramount to confirm the credibility of the consultancy. A bit of online research can be an easy way to verify the experience, specialization, background, awards received, personnel’s recognition by the different international education bodies, visa success rates, etc. All these factors will indicate how good and reliable a consultancy is.

Point 2: Expertise is the key

Learning from the mistakes of other people is good and when it comes to education, you can apply this theory too. It is suggested to students to work with consultancies with a tremendous track record of placing students in international universities and colleges. Familiarity with the education system of the country (especially your desired destination), grasp over the universities/colleges, and courses, etc. are also important. Competence of the consultancy right from the admission process to pre-departure guidance is highly important that one should consider when selecting a study abroad consultant.

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Point 3: Look for a variety

A full-fledged study abroad consultancy should have associations with numerous reputable and esteemed universities and colleges. They should have the relevant documents of association with those institutions at their premises. The caliber of a study abroad education consultant is evident when they suggest courses most apt for a student in terms of the education background, area of interest, skills, budget, aptitude, and attitude instead of going out to sell a specific university or college. If a consultancy does this, it is sure that they are only interested in meeting their targets and not securing the career of students.

Point 4: Transparency is essential

A good study abroad consultant would always be fair in its dealing. The details provided by them whether it is related to their organization, its credibility they represent, fees structure, refund policy, etc. would be passed on to the students. Do not ignore the warning signals such as assurance of the admission/offer letters, guarantee regarding internship, scholarships, etc. as these are completely based on your academic performances and credentials. So, it is advisable to stay away from such service providers because they are only here to rob you by giving false promises.

Point 5: Check for the feedback and reviews

Feedback and reviews given by the previous clients bear testimony to how reliable and good a study abroad consultancy is. Happy and satisfied students or their parents can recommend them to other students. Visit the official website or third-party platforms such as forums, social media channels, etc. to read the testimonials, reviews, and recommendations to know what other people particular past clients are saying about the firm. It will help you make an informed decision.

Closing Remarks

These points would be enough for you if you are planning for choosing a study abroad consultant like AEC. We provide our students with amazing study abroad services along with expert career counseling and IELTS coaching to prepare them for studying abroad.

We are among the top-rated consultancies on whom you can count on for desired outcomes. Our dedicated team of counselors will guide you through several options for studying abroad that suit your preferences and abilities the best. Reach out to us for further details.

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