Questions You Must Ask Your Study Abroad Advisor – Part I

Questions You Must Ask Your Study Abroad Advisor – Part I


Are you planning to meet a study abroad advisor who can better guide you with the application and study visa processes for abroad education? But you do not know what would you ask them when you meet? A few primary but important questions that you should ask your advisor when you meet them to discuss your study abroad options have been explained in this post.

Let us get started!

Question 1: When is the right time to apply to international universities?

If you are planning to study abroad the next year, it is suggested to start preparing at least one year in advance. Even though some universities and colleges have rolling admission, it is always better to plan ahead of time or before deadlines. By starting your preparations early, you will have enough time to manage your finances, arrange things, and prepare for standardized tests such as IELTS. Hence, ask your advisor to give the details related to the deadlines for applying at your preferred universities promptly.

Question 2: What kind of universities I can apply through your consultancy?

Depending on the type of program you are looking for, you can apply through a counselor. To know about the universities and colleges that best suit your academic requirements and career objectives, you can seek the help of your career advisor or simply download the prospectus to know more about the campus life, courses, durations, faculties, infrastructure, etc.

Question 3: Can you provide me with the contact of some of your past students who have already been counseled by you and sent abroad?

A reliable career advisor always allows you to connect with their past clients/students or are on the verge of studying abroad. You can gain a better perspective about the destination, university, courses/programs, campus life, post-study employment opportunities, etc. by connecting those students.

Question 4: What are the essential documents I will need to fulfill my study abroad dream?

While speaking to your career advisor, you should ask them about the documents needed to apply at your preferred university or college. When you know about the documents, you can fasten the admission process and avoid last-minute hassles. Generally, you will need documents such as financial documents, recommendation letters, transcripts, essays, visa application forms, etc. Sit with your counselor or advisor to get detailed information about the documents.

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Question 5: What is the global status of the university or college?

Have you checked the TIME or QS World University Rankings of your preferred abroad university or college? While checking for the prospectus and other details, you should check for the academic rankings as well held by your selected university or college. Even though the rankings are not the only parameter to select a university, it will give you a good idea about the global reputation.

Question 6: How do I choose the right destination to study?

You might want to study in the UK  but while assessing your profile, the counselor or advisor might feel that you are more suitable for Australia. For instance, you are searching for engineering programs with research work in the UK but while you pin down the options, you will find that the program is quite expensive and employment opportunities are too less. The same program could have better employment opportunities in Australia with relatively more suitable options within your budget. So, allot enough time to your advisor to assess your profile and to get the most sought-after options.

Question 7: How much amount you need to save to study abroad?

While planning your living cost and tuition fees, you need to include additional costs as well that you can use during emergencies. It means you will need to save as much as possible or required by you. In addition to this, keep the current inflation rate in your mind to plan your expenses and savings.

Question 8: Which intake should I choose to study abroad?

Some universities and colleges abroad might have more programs for the fall intake while some might have more for spring intake. Similarly, some may have equal options for both the intakes. However, there is nothing like the ‘best’ intake, you can always talk to your study abroad advisor and discuss your likes and priorities.

Question 9: Is there any affordable way to study abroad?

Study abroad is an expensive affair. To make this journey affordable, you should find your ways to fund or sponsor education. University scholarships, government and private scholarships, fellowships, grants, education loans, and part-time work opportunities are some effective ways that you can choose to sponsor your studies.

Question 10: What qualification is needed to study abroad?

Anyone who has passed 12th grade or fulfills the minimum academic prerequisites as mentioned by the universities can choose to study abroad. Other qualifications may vary from one university to another and from one program to another. You can discuss the qualification with your advisor and plan your study abroad journey accordingly.

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Closing Remarks

These are just a few important questions. We have mentioned some more questions in our post ‘Questions You Must Ask Your Study Abroad Advisor – Part II’. Continue with that part to have a clearer picture of the questions you need to ask your study abroad counselor cum advisor. For other details, call us on +91-8448446609 or 011-43334444 or simply write to us at

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