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Scholarships to Study Abroad – 100% Truth for Students


One of the things that come in the mind of students for scholarships to study abroad while planning for abroad studies is – what is the total cost of the course and will the university or the government has any scholarship for students program to offer. In this post, we will discuss everything about the scholarships to study abroad. Let us get started!

Different Types of Scholarships to Study Abroad for Students Programs

Before moving further, you must know about the types of scholarship programs available. There are mainly three types of scholarship programs available for students. And they are:

Scholarships Offered by –

  • The University or College or Institution
  • Offered by the Government
  • The Companies, Private Trusts, and Charitable Organizations

What Scholarships to Study Abroad Cover?

Scholarships typically offer monetary discounts that are deducted from the tuition fees and no direct cash payments are made to the students. Research grants and bursaries are different where students are paid some amount at regular intervals. The amount of the scholarship varies from one program to another and depends on the university/college, country, and the course as well.

Most Popular Scholarship Programs

There are so many good options available in the form of scholarship programs that one can avail of. We have listed a few popular names that are available for international students. These include:

  • Commonwealth Scholarships
  • Chevening UK Government Scholarships
  • Royal Society Grants
  • Tata Scholarship at Cornell University for Indian Students
  • Erasmus Scholarships
  • Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowships for Indian Students

100% Scholarships: Fact or Fiction?

One question that comes in many students mind while planning for scholarships to study abroad, they usually ask is – if 100% scholarship amount is paid? The actual answer to this question is a BIG NO. There is no 100% fully paid scholarship program for international students. Some scholarship bodies may foot around 85% of the total costs but such programs are limited in numbers. This means a scholarship program only covers a certain amount of the tuition and course fees and the rest of the amount is managed by the student.

Research Grants and Fellowships for Scholarship for Students

Many students think that research grants and fellowships are similar to regular scholarships. But they are different. Research grants are dedicated to those who are into intense research work in laboratories. Such projects are generally funded by the government or larger corporations. Under research grants and fellowships, students receive funds at regular intervals to support their research work.

How to Apply for Scholarship?

There are mainly two ways of applying for scholarships – directly and through an agent or service provider i.e. AEC. While applying directly, follow the steps given below:

  • First and foremost, shortlist the universities/colleges/institutions to which you want to apply for
  • Visit the official websites of those universities/colleges/institutions and check for the scholarship programs available
  • Thoroughly read the details and apply to the program for which you are eligible
  • Complete the application form carefully and submit the documents required
  • After this, the university or the concerned body will validate your details and provide the financial aid or scholarship accordingly

Additionally, private organizations and philanthropists made announcements regularly regarding the scholarship before the admission. You can check newspapers, educational websites, international student support forums, social media platforms, etc. for the updates. Or you can simply contact AEC to get assistance in the entire process. You can refer our news page for a regular update on scholarship for students.

How to Decide on Scholarships?

A scholarship plays an important role in the life of a student for declining or accepting an offer to study in a particular university/institution/college. A majority of students still count on different scholarship programs to fund a major part of the total cost of their course. Hence, it is important to choose a scholarship program that covers a maximum of your educational and tuition fees.

Final Words

If you are planning to fly abroad for higher studies, then you can come to us. AEC has a team of dedicated professionals. They will help you find, shortlist, and apply for the right scholarship program as per your academic records and skills so that you can reduce the burden of educational expenses.

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