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Particular: Details

Location: Berkshire England

Established: 1440

Total Students: 10,000

Percentage of International Students: 15%

  • Following the public school tradition, Eton is a full boarding school, which means pupils live at the school seven days a week, and it is one of only four such remaining single-sex boys’, boarding-only independent senior schools in the United Kingdom (the others being Harrow, Radley, and Winchester).
  • Eton was noted as being the sixth most expensive HMC boarding school in the UK in 2013/14, however the school admits some boys with modest parental income.
  • At Eton, there are dozens of organisations known as ‘societies’, in many of which pupils come together to discuss a particular topic or to listen to a lecture, presided over by a senior pupil, and often including a guest speaker. At any one time there are about fifty societies and clubs in existence, catering for a wide range of interests and largely run by boys.

The school is headed by a provost and fellows (board of governors) who appoint the head master. It contains 25 boys’ houses, each headed by a housemaster, selected from the more senior members of the teaching staff, which numbers some 155. Almost all of the school’s pupils go on to universities, about a third of them to Oxford or Cambridge.

 It is ranked 8th in the list of the UK’s Boarding school.

Early identification and assessment of a student’s individual needs at the time of application. This includes academic and career guidance to match students to the right program.

New student orientations to ease the transition into school life.

Regular and consistent progress reports by instructors to alert and assist students with school. This helps students track their performance in order to maximize success.

Career Preparation seminars and coaching in preparation for the workforce after graduation. This seminar includes self-analysis of strengths, weaknesses, personality, interests, company research, job search, Resume (CV) writing, interview strategies, and follow-up strategies.

Practicum Placements at reputable Canadian businesses in various industries to hone their practical skills required for career success. 

Peer support through mentoring programs where students are helped by senior students who provide enriching experiences that help enhance language and social skills, participation, and integration in the school environment.

Volunteer opportunities to enhance life skills and create memorable and enriching life experiences.

Industry connections to promote networking skills and to improve chances for employment.

Community connections through various projects that support ethical and corporate social behavior.

Life-time post-graduation career support for Eton graduates who have successfully met graduation requirements.

Student center

There are two student centers around University city campus which are designed to house dean of student affairs office, student unions offices, offices for student clubs and societies, a fine arts room, a bookstore, branches for the Sharjah Cooperative Society and Sharjah Islamic Bank, and a number of small convenience commercial shops. Other services available in the student center include , barbershops, and various restaurants and coffee shops.[15]




The University of Sharjah has two separate dormitories on University City campus which are under the supervision of the dormitory supervisors. The dormitory supervisors are required to prepare the annual plan for the dorms, draft reports with statistics, advertise and publish handouts, receive new students at the beginning of each semester, provide guidance to students, acquaint students with the dorm rules, regulations and other responsibilities, and are responsible to give their full attention to any students requiring medical attention. The Deanship of students affairs is responsible for organizing entertainment, sports events and weekly outings for all students living in the dorms.

The university offers students the choice from one, two and three-bedroom dorm rooms. Dorms are provided with clinics, study halls, computer labs, laundry facilities, garden areas, TV rooms, reception halls, and other areas for recreational activities.[15]


Transportation in the university is provided by a private transportation company that provides buses for students around various destinations in the emirate of Sharjah and around the United Arab Emirates. Students living in the dorms are provided with free bus transportation to the Medical and Health Sciences campus and to Fine Arts and Design campus.There is also free transportation from Sharjah and Al Dhaid to the University and vice versa.Recently, starting from Fall 2018/2019 semester they made transportation facilities even more easy for the inside campus delivering students between the buildings with specific times, drivers, and pickup location.

Location of University

Earlier sited on two floors of an office building on Melville Street in downtown Vancouver, the university relocated in 2014 to the nearby London Building where it occupies five floors. The 10-storey London Building is located at 626 West Pender Street and was originally built in 1912 for the London and British North American Company. University Canada West is set to open a new campus, Vancouver House, in July 2020, which will house 3,400 students.

  • Henry Fielding
  • John Maynard Keynes
  • George Orwell
  • Adrian Cadbury
  • Hugh Laurie
  • Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall
  • Dominic West
  • Damian Lewis

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