Top Reasons to Study in Canada: The Aspects that Matter


Planning for the future is not always an exhilarating experience. It can sometimes be scary too. The list of prospect options in front of you is never-ending, after all. Besides, choosing “one perfect option” from such an exhaustive list can never be a piece of cake. Sometimes, in order to have better prospects, students decide to study abroad.

Although you may choose to go to any place in the world for your studies, Canada has always been a favourite among students. Canada is, in fact, home to a lot of international students. But the question is- Why is Canada such a rage among students? Well, here are some reasons. Check out-

Excellent quality of life – 

The top three cities that boast the largest numbers of international students are Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto. Although there are many reasons why these cities are sought after, what stands out most is the fact that these are three extremely affordable places for students. This is probably one of the most important reasons why there is a huge diversity of student population here.

People come for the quality of life Canada has on offer. Not just these three cities, other places too are affordable to live in. Starting from transportation and housing to tuition, almost everything is reasonably priced. In fact, the cost of living here is way lower than in the UK, France, and the US. What more? You get an excellent degree of stability and safety as far as individual rights are concerned.

The cultural aspect –

The population living in Canada is diverse. Meaning, a student who is residing here can expose himself to a rich and colourful cultural atmosphere. Starting from the Montreal International Jazz Festival and Calgary Stampede to diverse sports events and the Sugarshack, Canada has a lot in store to offer to its people. Yes, staying solely engaged in academics can sometimes be tedious. However, Canada has got everything to freshen you up and revive your energies, so much that you will never get bored of staying here. Plus, the population in Canada is so diverse that no matter whether you are an Asian or a European, you will find people from back home.

Receive the best in education –

True, Canada is a joyful country. But then students come here for education. Meaning, the quality of education offered here is an aspect you can never ignore. Thankfully Canadian diplomas and degrees are globally recognized. And because cross-disciplinary studies are highly encouraged in the country, almost every student is likely to find the perfect match of subjects for himself. Overall, the Canadian educational system is top-notch and encourages transferable skills such as communication and critical thinking. The incorporation of digital media and technology in the education system has only taken it up a notch. The colleges and universities also offer a welcoming atmosphere for all students irrespective of where they have come from.

Amp up your language skills –

When you choose to study in Canadayou choose, in turn, to improve your language skills. Wondering why we are saying so? Well, Canada is a bilingual country. The educational system of Canada has coursework in English and French as an important part of it. This not just enriches a student’s life culturally but also helps in his overall community dealings. Besides, with such linguistic skills in your kitty, you are sure to find an absolutely interesting and rewarding career for yourself.

Work experience –

If you are studying in Canada and have obtained a post-secondary school diploma from here, then the Canadian government will help you engage in a work programme. This is an extremely beneficial government policy for international students and can benefit you immensely if you are looking to gather some basic work experience right after the completion of your studies. This way, you can continue living in this country, focusing, at the same time, on the development of your professional skills.

Best for tech people –

One of the best things about Canada is that the field of technology here is attractive for students. Meaning, your reason to study abroad in Canada could well be the tech scene here. Industries like aeronautical engineering, biotech, video game, and digital media are also strong. 

Through its innovative SchoolNet programme, Canada was able to connect its libraries and schools to the Internet. You’ll be happy to know that Canada was the first to do this of all the countries in the world. Not much surprisingly, almost every house in Canada has an Internet connection. If you are an advocate of free Wi-Fi, then Canada will make you happier as you can connect to the Internet via free Wi-Fi from almost anywhere.

Canada is beautiful-

Canada is the second-largest country in the world by landmass. And you’ll be surprised to know that almost all of it is magnificently beautiful. People keep thronging this place throughout the year. Yes, the country will make you experience some of the harshest winters. But that could turn into a boon if you are keen on trying out some skiing and ice skating. Starting from snow-capped mountains to sugar-fine beaches, almost everything in Canada is mesmerizingly beautiful. Once you land here, you will know how apt the atmosphere here is for students. Dedicated and focused studies for long hours won’t seem like hard work.

Final words-

As far as international students are concerned, Canada is the best place to be. The kind of perks you receive as a student in this country is simply unmatched. The academic institutions here are some of the best in the world, set up in some of the most beautiful locations. The rich and vibrant culture will compel you to consider settling down here once you are done with your studies. Not just studies, Canada also has amazing work opportunities for freshers. What else? The standard of living here is simply excellent.

The bottom line is that Canada is a safe and inviting country and will certainly not disappoint any student who is looking to expand their academic horizons.

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