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Top Universities in UK for Digital Marketing


Since the dawn of the digital age, a new type of marketing known as digital marketing has emerged. In today’s world, one could argue that digital marketing is the most important element for any business to thrive. From small businesses to large-scale industries, everyone uses digital marketing to sell their products, gain reach, establish their brand, promote their products, movies, and services, earn money, and so on. Digital marketing has become the essence of today’s world, and no business or firm can survive without it. Through this blog we will discuss the top digital marketing universities in UK, the various types of courses they offer, and what digital marketing is.

Before checking out top digital marketing universities in UK , let’s just know what digital marketing is.

The promotion of brands via the internet and other digital communication channels is known as digital marketing, sometimes known as online marketing. This comprises text and multimedia messages as well as email, social media, and web-based advertising as a marketing channel.

Which degrees are provided by the universities in the UK for digital marketing?

Undergraduate, master’s in digital marketing (MSc included), and doctorate degrees are available at colleges and universities in United Kingdom. Every year, universities in UK attract dozens of students from all over the world to learn about various types and techniques of digital marketing and to develop students’ skills so that they can come up with new and unique digital marketing strategies. Masters and MSc digital marketing in UK universities are well-known around the world.

Top Digital Marketing Universities in UK

  1. University of StrathclydeIn response to rising demand for graduates with expertise in digital marketing, Strathclyde University provides a distinctive course in digital marketing management. You can learn about communications technology and how they are used in business while also getting practical experience with both existing and upcoming digital media to learn about digital marketing.
    1. Best Course, MSc in Digital Marketing.
    2. Fees- 22,000-24,000 GBR 
  2. Lancaster UniversityIn Lancaster, Lancashire, England, there is a collegiate public research university called Lancaster University. One of many new universities founded in the 1960s, the university was founded by royal charter in 1964. Take advantage of seminars, group projects, and presentations from business experts to advance your understanding while pursuing Digital marketing in marketing at Lancaster University. The second semester of the MSc graduate studies at Lancaster University offers an extra module in digital marketing.
    1. Best Course, MS in Marketing
    2. Fees- 22,000-23,000 GBR
  3. University of ManchesterThe University of Manchester, which has the best facilities and the broadest selection of programs, is a member of the famous Russell Group of institutions. As a center of exceptional education and cutting-edge innovation, they are well-respected on a global scale. With 25 Nobel Prize winners among their present and alumni faculty, staff, and students, they have a history of ground-breaking breakthroughs that have changed the globe, from the discovery of graphene to the splitting of the atom. With a major or masters in digital marketing from the University of Manchester, students will obtain an immediate context of the full process of digital marketing, as well as a comprehensive awareness of tools and techniques to equip them with exceptional analytical and critical-thinking abilities.
    1. Best Course, MSc Digital Marketing
    2. Fees- 20,000 GBP
  4. University of LeedsOne of the biggest higher education providers in the UK is the University of Leeds, founded in 1904. Their teaching and research are highly regarded throughout the world. With approximately 170 nationalities represented among the university’s current students and 2,81,000 alumni from 190 countries, it is one of the most multicultural and well-established universities in the world. A Master’s in Advertising and Marketing is available from the University of Leeds, with an emphasis on branding and advertisement as well as a specialized understanding of marketing administration and telecommunications. You will gain a thorough knowledge of the fundamental concepts of digital marketing, including customer behavior and strategic activity, during the course.
    1. Best Course, Advertising and Marketing
    2. Fees- 20,420 GBR approx.
  5. University of ReadingSince almost a century ago, the University of Reading has led UK higher education. They have developed into trailblazers and innovators over the years, pushing the boundaries of academia and driving societal change. They commemorated the 90th anniversary of King George V granting them a royal charter in 2016 by doing so. For candidates with little to no expertise in digital marketing, the University of Reading offers a master’s program in strategic marketing. The university provides a comprehensive marketing education including a digital marketing subject. Through its business school, the program is accessible.
    1. Best Course, Masters in Digital Marketing.
    2. Fees- 24,000 GBR
  6. Royal Holloway UniversityThe Founder’s Tower at Royal Holloway College, which is currently the center of the campus, was unveiled by Queen Victoria in the year 1886, the same year that Bedford College in London was inaugurated. The Royal Holloway College joined with the University of London in 1900, and in 1985 they amalgamated to establish Royal Holloway, which is recognized today simply. Digital marketing courses at Royal Holloway University offer practical exposure and implementation of digital management that encompasses advanced analytics, market research, campaign planning, and technology transformation.
    1. Best Course, MSc in Digital Marketing
    2. Fees- 20,000 GBR

Career after course completion from digital marketing universities in UK.

  • Web Developer & Web Designer
  • Content Marketer
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Executive & Social Media Manager
  • SEO Executive
  • SEM Expert
  • Analytics Manager
  • CRM Manager
  • Email Marketing Manager
  • E-Commerce Manager
  • Digital Agency Account Director


We hope that through this blog we were able to provide brief and proper information regarding digital marketing universities in the UK, master in digital marketing, and what is digital marketing. We also hope that through this blog any doubt or any query regarding studying in UK for digital marketing must be cleared and will help you select a university as well.

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