What is a good SAT score to study abroad?

Hello everyone! If you’re considering studying abroad, you should take the SAT. But in terms of studying abroad, what constitutes a good SAT score? It’s a little confusing, but don’t worry—I’m here to simplify everything for you in this thorough tutorial! Just scroll down and continue reading this blog to learn more about the SAT exam and the required SAT score for studying abroad.

What is an SAT exam?

What is the SAT, and why is it crucial for studying abroad, first and foremost? Colleges and institutions in the United States assess a student’s preparation for higher education using the SAT (or Scholastic Assessment Test). The test, which evaluates students’ reading, writing, and maths abilities, is often taken by students in their junior or final year of high school. So remember that if you plan to study in the USA, taking the exam and obtaining an SAT score is necessary.

SAT Fee:

The SAT registration fee is $60, plus a $43 regional fee.


The SAT is a timеd еxam, and the total duration of thе tеst, including brеaks, is approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes. Thе tеst consists of two main sеctions: Evidence-Based Rеading and Writing (EBRW) and Math. The EBRW sеction has a duration of 1 hour and 45 minutes, while the Math sеction also lasts for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Additionally, thеrе is an optional Essay sеction, which has a duration of 50 minutes


Although SAT scorеs do not have a spеcific еxpiration datе, many colleges havе policiеs against admitting scorеs oldеr than fivе yеars, possibly making thеm datеd.

Why is it required to obtain an SAT score to study abroad?

You might be asking, “Why do I need to take the SAT if I’m not attending college in the United States?” right? We want to inform you that SAT scores are accepted worldwide. Furthermore, many foreign colleges also include SAT requirements in their admissions procedure, mainly if English is the major language of instruction. So, you will probably need to take the exam and obtain an SAT score to study abroad in places like the UK, Australia, Canada, or perhaps portions of Europe.

Good SAT Score

So what qualifies for a decent SAT score for international study? The answer is that it depends totally upon the place, the university, and the course you choose to pursue. Completing your study in advance is crucial because different institutions and programs have varied SAT scoring requirements. A respectable SAT score for studying abroad is between 1200 and 1400 out of a possible 1600. It’s crucial to remember that the score mentioned above range is not fixed. Specific colleges may have greater or lower requirements for the SAT score depending on the institution you’re applying to or how competitive the admissions process is. For instance, you might need a better SAT score to be competitive if you’re applying to a very selective program or institution, for example, the top universities- MIT, Cambridge, Stanford, etc.

How to find SAT requirements?

How do you learn the SAT score criteria for the colleges or programs you’re interested in? is the issue that now arises. Checking the university’s website or admissions page is the best place to start. Most colleges will state their minimum SAT requirements or give a range of scores that they deem competitive or require a student to meet to be admitted. You may also contact the university’s admissions office directly for further information. The particular program or subject you’re interested in is a crucial consideration regarding SAT scores and studying abroad. Specific programs may demand higher or lower SAT scores depending on the subject. For instance, you could require a higher SAT maths score if you’re applying to a scientific or engineering school than if you were applying to a humanities program. But again, as mentioned, this is only the case for some universities and differs from country to country. It’s also important to remember that certain institutions may need minimum SAT scores for each part rather than a total score. For instance, a university could need a minimum maths and reading/writing score of 600. Hence, even if your overall score is higher than the minimum required by the institution, you could only be seen as competitive if you get the minimum mark for each component.

What to do if my SAT score still needs to be met?

What should you do if your SAT score will not meet the requirements for the institutions or programs you’re interested in? Every student asks this next question after appearing for the SAT exam. There are still choices, so don’t worry! First of all, think about retaking the SAT to raise your score. The plus point of SAT is that you can retake the exam as many times as you like, and many colleges will take your highest score into account. Now then, there are additional possibilities to think about if you’ve previously taken the SAT a few times and aren’t happy with your score. Other standardised examinations, such as the ACT or AP exams, could also be accepted by some colleges. You can also consider applying to an institution or program with fewer SAT score requirements. If you do not want to give the ACT as well, try giving the IELTS, as, unlike SAT, IELTS is accepted by almost every university worldwide. Ultimately, conducting your homework and comprehending the particular criteria for the colleges and programs you’re interested in regarding SAT scores and studying abroad is crucial. If you want to study abroad but didn’t get the SAT score you wanted, don’t give up—there are always possibilities and choices!

Now let’s answer some FAQs.

What is a good score on the SAT? It depends on the college or program you’re applying to and whether you get a decent SAT score. A score between 1200 and 1400 out of a possible 1600 is typically considered competitive. The precise prerequisites for the institutions and programs you’re interested in should be researched because requirements differ. How should I improve my SAT score? You may raise your SAT score in many ways, such as using official SAT study resources, engaging with a tutor or enrolling in a course, concentrating on your weakest areas, and getting enough relaxation before the test. Throughout the exam, controlling your time properly and maintaining composure are crucial. What is the SAT score in India? Students in India can take the SAT exam, which the College Board gives. The SAT exam in India yields the same results as exams in other nations, with a maximum score of 1600.


In conclusion, it’s critical to comprehend how essential SAT scores are to the admissions process if you’re considering studying abroad. Generally speaking, a decent SAT score for studying abroad is between 1200 and 1400, although specific requirements might change based on the program and university you’re applying to. Don’t let a lower-than-desired SAT score prevent you from achieving your aspirations of studying abroad! Do your homework, think about retaking the test, or look into other choices if required. We have covered the topic of the requirements of SAT scores to study abroad in this blog. If you have found this blog helpful and informative, please share it with your friends.
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