Why is Canada a Good Destination to Study?


Hosting more than half a million international students to study in Canada, it is recognized for its high-quality education systems along with affordable tuition fees and globally accepted degrees. In addition to this, diversified yet welcoming culture, an outstanding way of living, immense post-study work permit, and immigration opportunities make this country stands out and a popular destination among Indian as well as other international students.

The following are the reasons that make this country a good and highly preferred destination for higher studies:

1. Academic Excellence to study in Canada

One of the reasons why students choose to study in this country is because of the academic excellence. When a student receives a degree from a university/college in Canada, it acts as a mark of excellence and trust. 27 of Canada’s universities/colleges rank in the list of the ‘THE World University Ranking 2019’ and 26 of them are in the list of the ‘QS World University Rankings 2019’.

2. Countless Research Opportunities to Study in Canada

Another good reason to move to Canada is that the education system of this country is unique as it is more focused on development and research. If you are a research scholar, then there is no other better country than this. The government of Canada provides the research and other students with great support to research in the disciplines of agriculture, medicine, technology, environmental science, and telecommunication.

3. Pocket-Friendly Study Opportunities

When compared to the universities in the UK and US, tuition fees in Canada are fairly cheaper. Even though some courses may have a higher cost, you can apply to a variety of scholarships to manage your course and tuition fees.

4. Diversity in Culture and Lifestyle

In this country, you will find extremely welcoming people who come from different ethnic groups with varied lifestyles and cultures. The multicultural environment of this country promotes peaceful and friendliness like no other country. You will also find so many Indian students studying, working, and living here. You can experience a range of rituals and festivals in Canada as well. These include:

  • NHL Hockey
  • Calgary Stampede
  • The Montreal International Jazz Festival
  • Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal
  • ‘Poutine Week’ – The blend of delicious gravy, French fries, and cheese curd

5. Peaceful and Safe

This country has consistently been ranked as ‘one of the safest places’ in the world. In 2018, Canada secured 6th place for being the most peaceful country in the world in the ‘Global Peace Index’. As a foreign student, you will enjoy and get the same rights as any other Canadian student.

6. Earning While Learning Opportunities

Thanks to the special rules and regulations of the country to study in Canada, this country provides all international students with opportunities to work part-time for a maximum of up to 20 hours per week during their semesters and full-time during the winter and summer breaks. To work as an intern in an organization or work on-campus, you do not need any additional or separate work permit as your study visa is enough to help you find part-time work opportunities.

7. Lively and Vibrant Campus Life

No matter which university or campus you choose to study, you can expect fests, events, and other activities being conducted throughout the year. This will create a lively and happy environment for all international students helping them meet new and different people and building a network to keep the homesickness away.

8. Immigration Opportunities

Canada provides its international students with a post-study work permit that allows them to stay and find work after the completion of their studies for up to 3 years. During your post-study work permit to study in Canada, you can gain relevant international work experience and apply for the permanent residency afterwards, if you want to.

Closing Remarks

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