How Do I Choose an Overseas Education Consultancy?

Overseas Education Consultants
Overseas Education Consultants

How Do I Choose an Overseas Education Consultancy?

Education is a valuable asset to make a successful career in life. But with ever-growing competition and a variety of options to choose, it becomes difficult to make the right decision. Both parents & children remain confused about the path to be taken for Study Abroad Journey. With so many Overseas Education Consultants available in the market, it becomes difficult to choose a perfect Overseas Education Consultancy. An Ideal Consultancy would give the student a much-needed direction and help their overseas university admission application sail smoothly. As an aspiring Study Abroad Aspirant, Lets’ look at How Do I Choose an Overseas Education Consultancy?

Who are Overseas Education Consultants?

Overseas Education Consultants are expert professionals who have complete knowledge about all the courses offered by different countries and universities. They help students in all the overseas universities admission process, visa application process & other formalities.

Role of Overseas Education Consultancy

  • Evaluation of Student Profile: Overseas Consultancy first try to understand what are the requirements to be fulfilled to get admission in a college. After evaluating the requirements, the consultant then prepares a process for the student to get his admission.
  • Choosing the course program: They provide you all the required details about all the available international school programs & which one is best for your career.
  • Admission Paperwork: An ideal Overseas Education Consultant should help the student with all the paperworks & formalities required for admissions in an international university. The paperworks formalities include getting visas.
  • Education Loan: If you are facing financial crunch for admission overseas, they also assist you in applying for financial aid or education loans from private banks or organizations
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP) preparation: Statement of Purpose Explain why you’ve chosen this program and how this course would help you. The Consultant would help you to prepare the perfect SOP.
  • Post Acceptance Letter Support: Educational Consultants take the burden of arranging visa applications, passport & accommodation arrangements.

Top 8 Features of a Good Overseas Education Consultants

  1. Excellent Communication Skills- A Good Overseas Education Consultants should have strong communication skills. He should have the patience and understanding to listen to your choice about course, university & destination. After listening to you, then he should help you to reach a final decision. He should also advise you best according to your requirements.
  2. Passionate Consultant- He should be passionate & enthusiastic about your overseas education and able to guide you correctly on your choice of course & university abroad. A sign of Passionate Overseas Consultancy is they waste no time in addressing and resolving student’s problems & concerns.
  3. Fluent in Several Languages- An Ideal Overseas Education Consultant should be fluent in many languages and a variety of different cultures around the world. A Multilingual person can better understand students’ needs and better help them. It also makes communicating with students & their parents simpler.
  4. Best Advice on University/College Selection- A competent Overseas Consultancy will suggest a best-suited university or course to receive a degree in your chosen field of interest. They should provide you with required details about all the universities/colleges of your choice.
  5. Stay Up to Date- A successful Overseas Education Consultant should always keep up to date with the latest immigration laws & rules. They should be capable of providing timely guidance and help students resolve any visa difficulties with ease.
  6. Qualifications & Experience- They should have proper credentials in the overseas education industry. Past student testimonials should show the records of placing thousands of students abroad. Rather than giving their personal opinion, they should give objective guidance.
  7. Use latest technologies- An Ideal Overseas Education consultant should us most-up date technologies to help a student enroll in their chosen course/university faster. He is capable enough to find a suitable university in abroad
  8. Financial Aid- A Good consultancy not only assists in drafting SOPs, LORs, application filing, but also helps you in getting financial aid in the form of scholarships & education loans.

Why Contact Abroad Education Consultants (AEC) as the Best Overseas Education Consultants?

Established in 2006, Abroad Education Consultants (AEC) is one of the most sought-after overseas education consultants in India representing over 500 premier universities/ colleges in the UK, Ireland, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. In the past decade, we have already placed nearly 5,000 thousand students to various world-class universities/colleges around the world. We provide a one-stop solution in visa assistance, travel assistance and admissions at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels along with tutorial services for IELTS/PTE/TOEFL/GRE. We have already logged over 100,000 hours of student counseling  & we can boast of more than 4,500 success stories. We have achieved an amazing 97% visa success rate, one of the best in the industry. Our students have been awarded scholarships worth US$ 12.5 Million due to our efforts and hard work. Our Managing Directors, Mr. Piyush Agrawal and Mr. Mohit Agrawal, are an alumnus of the prestigious University of Leeds themselves and are widely recognized in the industry for the personal attention they give to the students as well as their parents. Key Services provided by Abroad Education Consultants (AEC):

  • Comprehensive Student Counseling
  • University Selection
  • Entrance Exams (IELTS, TOEFL, GRE Coaching)
  • Scholarship Assistance
  • Visa Assistance
  • Course, Country & University Selection
  • Admission & Application assistance
  • Education loans & Fee payments
  • Value for money

You can reach Abroad Education Consultants (AEC) at the following

Address: Head Office- 505-510, 5th Floor, Ansal Tower 38, Nehru Place, New

Delhi-110019, India

Mobile: 080-69029999

Phone: 011-43334444

Email: enquiry@aecoverseas.comWebsite:


Studying Overseas becomes a life-changing moment for us, as it opens the possibility of identifying our true potential. An aspiring overseas education student should put in his best efforts, whenever he is facing this issue on “How Do I Choose an Overseas Education Consultancy?” An Ideal Overseas Consultancy should always be successful in finding the right career and university for you. If you have liked our Posts, Kindly share it.

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