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Confused about studying abroad? Looking for a consultant? Do you need assistance with the decision-making process? AEC is the one for you!

If you have ever dreamt of studying abroad, then a study overseas consultant for the UK in Delhi will help you with the process. Studying overseas is a big decision. It can be stressful and full of anxiety, involving a lot of confusion.

We at AEC believe in three major factors:

  • Expert guidance
  • Performance, and
  • Quality care

We position ourselves as a guiding force behind every student and provide them with top-notch assistance. Our friendly-nature has helped students put faith in us, and we have been successful in guiding them thoroughly with the procedures.

How AEC helps!

Explore multiple options- You can explore numerous options for colleges that you can go for. A brief understanding of what college to go for is required so that you can decide accordingly. Factors that may affect the decision include the fee structure, quality of university and education, city, locality, available accommodation, and job requirements, if any. Mainly, the college should match your aspirations and should increase the level of any career path that you choose. If there are confusions, you can always apply to multiple universities when you have approached us. Experience is something that matters the most in decisions like these. 

Trouble-free process of admission- AEC is knowledgeable about the aspects that involve choosing the right course suitable and the right university to go for according to the discipline the student chooses. We will make the process trouble-free and accessible to you. Our work is to place the students in the ideal spot, thinking about their past university, education, experiences, abilities, solaces and distresses, and career objectives. 

Guidance with important documents– AEC is your guide to get the Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letter of Recommendation (LOR), which is necessary for getting the visa and also needed in the application process. You need to make informed decisions that will help you go through this process smoothly without any hassles to focus on other aspects. We prepare every student thoroughly to face the difficult questions that may arise during the process of attaining a visa. We make the student confident enough to answer all the questions at ease and coach the students personally. 

Assists in your financial queries- Many universities provide students with scholarships, and AEC is fully aware of those. We will advise you and brief you through the process of applying for these scholarships and also help you check your eligibility. We believe in helping students with their finances as much as we can and do our best in leading the students to their desired path.

Assists in exam materials- You need to clear your entrance examination i.e., IELTS, which can be challenging for most of the students no matter what their academic results, are. Passing through these hurdles needs proper assistance to attain every process comfortably. We provide the students with all the study materials necessary to brush up their knowledge well and score the required score. 

Visa application– The application can be a hassle, and when you have the assistance, it just makes things easier. We help you by conducting mock interviews and prepare you for your big day, as the visa process is difficult and can be a task for students. We will train you to be confident and handle those challenging questions with ease. It just takes off the stress which can build up when a student is applying for a visa, and this can be handled efficiently by us, so you do not need to worry. 

Why candidates and parents prefer AEC?

We have an amazing track record of students getting admitted to the top universities all around the world. So, if you are dreaming of studying abroad, consult the study abroad consultants for the UK in Delhi. Visit us today and make your process hassle-free!

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