Study in Ireland | Course, Collages and Visa Requirements

Study in Ireland | Course, College, and Visa Requirements

//Study in Ireland | Course, College, and Visa Requirements

study in ireland

Planning to Study in Ireland 

Ireland is located on the west coast of Europe and is a member of the European Union. Ireland being a popular destination for international students offers a high level of education that is recognized throughout the world, combining a remarkable higher education experience.

One of the major reasons why studying in Ireland is a great option as the Irish government invested approx. 700 million annually in a research in Ireland’s higher education institutions. The impact of this funding is that Ireland’s higher education institutions are now leading the world in increasing number of fields. Irish universities are among the top of research institutions in the world in terms of researches in over 19 fields. Hence, this creates an opportunity for the undergraduates and the postgraduates to join the research program that is driving innovation.

Reasons to study in Ireland

Apart from Ireland being as safe and a friendly country to study, there are numerous reasons why Ireland is one of the best destinations for higher education. Some of them are listed below:

  • The quality of the Irish education system is one of the best in Europe.
  • The Irish education excels in various disciplines like teaching and research.
  • Ireland is a very dynamic and modern country. People there are known for their friendly nature. Hence, students can easily adjust.
  • The only English speaking country in the Eurozone.
  • It is a hub of technological innovations and scientific research. Also, it has a European headquarters of companies like as Google and Microsoft.
  • There is a free fees initiative for EU students operated by the Irish universities, enabling those who meet the set criteria.
  • It is an English speaking country as the country has a close cultural, economic and educational link with the English speaking world, especially with UK and USA being the next door neighbor.
  • This country gives the best learning environment as dedicated international offices work closely with staffs to fully support students throughout their time in Ireland.
  • Ireland is a land rich in cultural heritage. It has unique innovation and creative culture. Also, Europe’s most entrepreneurial country is Ireland.
  • Most of the universities in Ireland encourage students to take up internships and become job ready.

Study Options

The primary academic intakes begin in September for most of the colleges and universities in Ireland. But few of the institutions differ in this academic intake process. Therefore, some of them take intakes in the month of February.

Undergraduate degree program usually lasts for 3-4 years (full-time study), but this may vary from institutions to institutions. Postgraduate last for 1-2 years of full-time study and a Ph.D. last for 3 years at Irish institutions.

 Cost of studying in Ireland

The Cost of living in Ireland is considerably fine as compared to London and New York. Apart from providing world-class higher education, the cost of studying in Ireland is less. For all the aspirants planning to study in Ireland need to shell out around €10,000 to €30,000, depending on the course they are planning to opt.

Ireland universities you must consider

Ireland has various institutions, monasteries, and colleges that date as far back as 500 AD and, since then this place has some of the best universities in the world, many of them which are highly ranked among top institutions worldwide.

The universities are top-ranked, all with a global reputation. These universities are the perfect place to go for your Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D. They have the best reputation and are known to deliver quality education to international as well as to the local students. Some of these universities are as follows:

  • Trinity College Dublin– It is the oldest university in the Republic of Ireland. The university is ideal for aspiring political science students.
  • University College Dublin (UCD) – This university is known as the ‘Ireland’s Global University’. The university is among the top scoring university worldwide in health & clinical fields. UCD has excellence in research across the humanities and science.
  • National College of Ireland (NCI) – Founded in 1951, this college specializes in psychology, HRM, data analytics and finance.
  • National University of Ireland, GalwayThis University is a study point of human biology and a center of the drama, theatre, and performance.

Visa requirements to study in Ireland

Students from EU don’t need a visa to study in Ireland. Indian students must apply for the visa before leaving. The students must have an offer of a recognized program of study in Ireland and also the receipt of the payment letter from a college in Ireland before you begin the process of applying for the visa overseas if you are planning to study in Ireland.

English requirement for studying in Ireland

Any aspirant willing to study in Ireland must meet the minimum requirement of the language. The recommendations are all the students must undergo IELTS preparation before joining an Irish University. Each college and university has its own criteria/ specific requirements for admissions. Therefore, you need to check accordingly.

Apply to study at an Irish University

If you an aspirant aspiring to study in Ireland, then AEC can help you in this. AEC is one of the leading study abroad consultants. They can deliver personal counseling sessions for your career guidance. Also, guidance related to visa, scholarships, application assistance and much more.

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