Why Study in Australia?

Why Study in Australia?

Why Study in Australia?

Australia has emerged as one of the most popular Study Abroad destinations in recent years. Its universities are globally-acclaimed, and its university graduates are the most sought-after around the world. Australia ranks among the top three preferred study destinations by Indian students. Even the part-time jobs in Australia offer a considerable stipend to international students to support their studies. Want to know more on why you should study in Australia? Keep on reading this blog to find out. Let’s get started!

Top Reasons to Study in Australia

  • Popular Study Abroad Destination among Indian Students- Around 1,100 universities and institutions in Australia offer more than 22,000 courses. Globally-recognized degrees, various Australian scholarships opportunities, high quality of education, and post-study work opportunities make Australia one of the Popular Study Abroad Destinations among Indian Students.
  • Internationally Accredited qualifications- Australian teaching methodology is valued globally for its academic excellence and university qualifications are recognized globally. Around seven of the Australian universities consistently rank in the Top 100 QS World University rankings. The Australian education system is strictly monitored by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) – the national policy established in 1995  that sets standards of qualifications from the tertiary education sector (higher education, & vocational training) in addition to the school leaving certificate, called the Senior Secondary Certificate of Education.
  • High Quality Education & Universities- Australian universities regularly feature in global university rankings in high-quality education, academic reputation and international student ratio. Australian universities offer a wide range of high-quality degrees and courses.
  • Trouble-free process of obtaining Student Visa- After completing your studies, you can stay longer in Australia with a Temporary Graduate Visa or the post-study-work visa that allows international students to continue to work post graduation. To obtain trouble-free one of the Student visas, all you have to do is to prepare the required papers such as letters of acceptance from the university, financial proof, and health insurance papers.
  • Scholarship Opportunities- Australia is also one of the preferred destinations for international students because it offers more scholarship opportunities than other countries.
  • Cultural diversity- The Cultural diversity of Australia motivates International students to come out of their comfort zones and experience the melting point of cultures. It broadens their horizons and expands their professional and personal perspectives. Its multicultural society makes it safe, friendly, good-natured, and conflict-free. 
  • Best Quality of life- Australia ranks 2nd on the list of best destinations to offer the best quality of life. Its infrastructure, quality of education, healthcare services, employment opportunities, and friendly community are one of the best in the world. It has low pollution rates and comfortable living conditions. 
  • Perfect Student-friendly Content- Australia is a perfect student-friendly continent blessed with exotic wildlife, great outdoors, and amazing beaches. Students living in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide or anywhere else get a feeling of the aquatic nature of the country as it opens the door to numerous and various water sports, like surfing, sailing, kayaking, beach volleyball, and skiing, snorkeling and diving.

How to Study in Australia?

Once you’ve shortlisted the University you want to apply to, browse through their websites and learn more about their admission requirements.

  1. For an undergraduate course, you’ll need-
    1. A high school certificate
    2. English language proficiency (TOEFL or IELTS) test scores
    3. SAT or ACT test scores
    4. College Essay
  2. For an postgraduate degree, you’ll need-
    1. Academic transcripts
    2. Statement of Purpose
    3. Resume/CV
    4. TOEFL or IELTS English proficiency test scores
    5. GMAT or GRE Aptitude test scores
    6. Portfolio for Fine arts, Architecture students

Start preparing these documents at least 6 months before you apply. After you submit the application, it’s time now to wait! If accepted, you’ll receive a letter of acceptance. This can be used to apply for a student visa.

Cost of Studying in Australia

Your expenditure on the tuition fees will depend on the type of course and the type of university you’ve selected. For example, veterinary and medical degrees cost generally more than the other degrees.  Courses in arts, humanities, and education will be a little cheaper than medicine and veterinary courses. Let’s see the cost for some of the courses:

Degree Level Cost per annum
Undergraduate Bachelor Degree AUD 20,000-45,000 approx.
Postgraduate Master’s Degree AUD 22,000-50,000 approx.
Doctoral Degree AUD 18,000-42,000 approx.
Vocational Education and Training AUD 4,000-22,000 approx.
English language studies  AUD 300 per week approx. 

Accommodation Costs in Australia

Check the table below to see the different types of rental options for International students accommodations.

Type of Boarding Cost of Boarding (AUD)
Hostels and Guesthouses 90-150 (approx.) (per week)
Shared Rental  95-215 (approx.) (per week)
On-Campus 110-280 (approx.) (per week)
Homestay 235-325 (approx.) (per week)
Rental 185-440 (approx.) (per week)
Boarding schools 11,000-44000 (approx.) (per week)

Cost of Living in Australia

Living costs also contribute to the cost of studying in Australia. The cost of living will depend on the area of accommodation, nightlife expenses and various other choices. Let’s see some of them: 

Expenses Average Cost Per Month
Accommodation 300-750 AUD (Approx.)
Food & Groceries 210-420 AUD (Approx.)
Transportation 44-90 AUD  (Approx.)
Household Bills 15-30 AUD (Approx.)
Shopping 120-225 AUD (Approx.)
Miscellaneous 22-30 AUD (Approx.)

Best Course to Study in Australia

  • Agricultural Science
  • Computer Science & IT
  • Architecture
  • Accounting
  • Tourism & Hospitality Management
  • Psychology
  • Engineering
  • Actuarial Science
  • Nursing

Best Courses to Study in Australia for Indian Students after 12th

There are various courses available in Australia to Study after the 12th for Indian Students. The minimum academic requirements to pursue a bachelor’s, BSc, and courses to Study in Australia, one needs to obtain a minimum of 65% in the 12th grade.

Let’s see some of the top courses and universities after 12th:

  1. Engineering (Btech/BE) Some of the top Universities for Engineering in Australia-
    • University of New South Wales
    • Monash University
    • RMIT University
    • University of Sydney
    • University of Technology, Sydney
  2. Health- Bachelor of medicine, dental science, & nursing are some of the Top courses in the medicine sector after 12th. Some of the Top Universities offering courses in Health sector:
    • Monash University
    • The University of Melbourne School of Medicine
    • University of Queensland
    • University of Sydney
    • Australian National University
  3. Business & Management Studies- Bachelor of business, accounting, & commerce are some of the best courses in this field.  Some of the top universities for Business & Management Studies in Australia are:
    • Australian National University
    • Monash University
    • University of Melbourne
    • University of Sydney
    • University of Queensland
  4. Information Technology- One of the most popular courses for Information Technology is three-year full time Bachelors in Information Technology.  Some of the top universities offering this courses are:
    • Australian National University
    • Deakin University
    • Monash University
    • RMIT University
    • Queensland University of Technology
  5. Architecture- Two of the most popular courses in Architecture are five-year Bachelor of Architecture degree & four-year Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies. Some of the top universities offering this courses are:
    • Monash University
    • RMIT University
    • Queensland University of Technology
    • Macquarie University
    • Curtin University of Technology
  6. Law- Some of the Top Universities offering courses in Law are
    • University of New South Wales
    • Australian National University
    • University of Queensland
    • Monash University


So Why should you Study in Australia? We hope that this blog has given you all the details about Why should you choose Australia to Study? Australia has a great education system, beautiful forests and beaches, and plenty of job opportunities! Is it your dream to study in this beautiful continent and earn a degree from one of its renowned universities? So Why wait? Make this dream come true. If you’ve found this blog post useful, please like and share this post! Drop a comment!

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