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We all know the importance of study in our life. Nowadays, it is seen that different students are going to abroad for pursuing their higher studies. Studying abroad will benefit the students in many ways. They will get to know more about the wide diversity and even the job opportunities in abroad will be vast enough. So, if you are interested in going abroad or say Australia, then you have to consult study overseas consultant for Australia in Delhi. People from Delhi are always in search of new career opportunities and going abroad and studying there will provide great opportunities.

What are the requirements for getting an Australian study visa?

  • Genuine temporary entrants’ requirement: This requirement was introduced back in 2011 which demonstrate that the visa applicant must have genuine intention to stay in Australia for study. There are various requirements in this that the person needs to fulfil, then only the application for the visa will be accepted.
  • Obtain COE: Before applying visa for Australia, the applicant needs to obtain the Confirmation of Enrolment or a letter for confirmation. It is a form of online code that the person needs to enter into the appropriate section of the online visa application.
  • Financial requirements: For getting the visa for Australia, the person needs to show sufficient funds to cover the tuition, living, and travel cost. The person needs to meet up the minimum requirement of the course and living. Even the person needs to show the account balance of the spouse or parents who will support them in case of any emergency.
  • English proficiency requirement: To get a visa for Australia, it is very important to get the certification in English that will state you can speak and communicate well in English. For this verification, the candidate has to clear the eligible tests like IELTS, OTE, TOEFL, CAE, etc. The score of the test will tell the student which course he can opt for in Australia. You can start preparing for all these tests with AEC.
  • Health requirements: For getting the visa to Australia, the students need to undergo a medical check-up as well. Even it is one requirement that is to be fulfilled to get the visa. A full body check-up is done to see that the student is physically and mentally stable. The appointment of the check-up is with the doctor-approved from the Australian Immigration department.
All these are the requirements that the person needs to fulfil to get the most appropriate result for the visa application for Australia. The person needs to carefully go through each detail so that the chances of any error or any sort of rejection are minimum. For all such guidance, there is the requirement of a study overseas consultant for Australia in Delhi that will provide all the valuable advice and will also manage various tasks on the behalf of the clients.

Why choose AEC for a Study visa of Australia?

If you want that the visa application that you are applying for must yield with best results, so it is better to consult AEC. We are the one-stop solution to all the constraints faced by the student while applying for the visa. The success rate of visa applications is 97% and we are having more than 15 years’ experience in this field. We are into the visa consultation of many countries like the UK, USA, Japan, Singapore, Germany, etc. and many of the abroad universities are providing special scholarships for the students of AEC. So, it is better to contact us, and our trained and experienced consultants will guide you in the best possible way. 

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