10 Things You Must Check Before Applying to a Foreign University


Are you planning for applying to a foreign university?
It is a fact that most international universities/colleges market themselves as the best destinations to attract foreign students. With recent scams in this industry, it becomes even more important for students to carefully choose their destination and wisely narrow down their options of universities/colleges.

Once you know your interest area (here interest area means specialization with the discipline) and the country you want to go, you will need to consider so many things. Below, we have listed a few things you need to check before applying to a foreign university to make your study and stay a memorable event:

  • Accreditation: Almost all universities/colleges recruiting foreign students will have accreditations but check out the names of accreditation. In addition to this, look out for the course or program of your choice has accreditation.
  • Ranking: It is advisable for applying to a foreign university or college that is listed in the top 100 within the country in your area of discipline such as medicine, engineering, technology, etc. You can also refer to the ‘THE World Reputation Rankings’ and the ‘QS World University Rankings’ to check out the position of your preferred university/college in your dream study abroad destinations.
  • Reputation: In addition to the rankings of the university or college, you must ensure the department of your course is considered to be reputed in your area of interest. You also check before applying to a foreign university or college is well-known for the degrees of your interest area.
  • Job Possibilities: This factor plays an important role while deciding on applying to a foreign university or college. For instance, universities in the US situated in Silicon Valley are better known for the higher placement records than the quality of the education. Moreover, most employers try to recruit candidates from the university located in their surrounding areas to avoid relocation charges and other related issues.
  • Safety and Security: Considering the previous spate of attacks, this factor should come first for all international students. Always try to understand or ask your study abroad consultant how safe the university or college and the surrounding area is. Check if you are applying to a foreign university or college has enough safety measures or regulations in place to provide foreign students with a secure, safe, and friendly environment.
  • Funding Options: These two points are must check if you have a restricted budget to sponsor your higher education in an international university/college. Some universities/colleges offer funding opportunities to foreign students so that they can manage their expenses. Hence, it is worth checking out what scholarship/fellowship options are available to students particularly for Indian students before applying.
  • On-Campus or Part-Time Job Opportunities: In addition to scholarships, you can support your education with part-time and on-campus opportunities as well. Since not all universities or colleges allow students to work part-time, it is worth checking this point. In case the university/college provides such opportunities, then check how many hours are allowed to work per week and during holidays.
  • Location: Whether it is in the outskirts or located centrally of the state, it is important to check the bus and train facilities along with connectivity with neighborhood places and essential amenities.
  • Campus Life: A college or university that encourages sports and other extracurricular activities you like to participate in will be the best place for you to study. These not just provide you with a healthy diversion but a memorable experience of studying abroad.
  • Climate: Pick a college/university situated in a city or state with a moderate climate like not too mild summers and not too harsh winters. Ideal weather conditions will allow you to enjoy your study abroad even better.

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The way you prioritize the factors listed above will change, depending on your academic performance, financial status, profile i.e. area of interest, etc. However, you need to consider these factors to make your study aboard a pleasant experience.

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