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15 Reasons Canada Tops the List for Pursuing Further Studies

15 Reasons Canada Tops the List for Pursuing Further Studies


There are many who dream to go abroad to pursue their higher studies, so as to enhance their career prospects. One such country that attracts thousands of students from across the globe is Canada. Completing studies at any level in this country does attract plenty of career opportunities. There are several reasons cited for this country to be increasingly getting popular among the students. It offers superior quality courses at affordable fee structure. The degrees offered here are recognized globally. Moreover, you can also enjoy here amazing life, immigration opportunities and immense post-study work. 

Know the reasons for Canada to top the list

  1. Living standards: This country boasts of having very high living standards compelling students to consider pursuing their higher studies here. There is easily available large number of hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. which impact directly the people’s lifestyle here. 
  2. Quality education: There are a wide range of courses offered in the Canadian colleges and universities to deserving students, be it locals or foreigners. Such degrees have immense value and are equivalent to those offered in the U.S., Australia as well as other European countries. You can also apply for a scholarship in one of the esteemed colleges/universities and pay quite less for your studies without compromising on any aspect. 
  3. Academic excellence: The degree earned from the Canadian university is considered to be a mark of excellence and trust. 26 of the countries’ universities got high rankings in the 2019 QS World University Rankings while 27 of them got high rankings in the 2019 World University Rankings.
  4. Affordable fees: Residing and studying in Canada is inexpensive unlike other European countries. Inflation rate here is considered to be the lowest. Cost of living, college fees, food expenses, accommodation, etc. is quite less here, compelling students to study in Canada.
  5. Safe: One of the main reasons for students to study here is because it is safe to study and live. Parents desire their children to settle at places that are safe for them. With people from different ethnicities and all over the country residing here, it is completely safe. This way, there is no need to worry about anything.
  6. Beautiful places: Besides study, it is quite natural for students to seek some entertainment. It is necessary to take break in-between studies to be get relief from stress and tension. Canada is a beautiful place and does boast of having lots of entertainment. You can get to explore the beautiful places here associated with nature, wildlife, and scenic beauties. 
  7. Plenty of job opportunities: Students are mostly worried about getting job placements on successful completion of their course. Students here are allowed to join 20 hours a week part time jobs while they pursue their studies.  Some of the areas where they can apply for jobs include restaurants, hostels, hotels, etc. The visa consultants can provide complete knowledge about the type of part time jobs offered that will help you to meet your additional expenses. They will also clear all your doubts about the colleges there and provide you with assistance on the accommodation and other aspects within your set budget. 
  8. Great culture: People residing across Canada belong to different countries and languages. French and English are commonly spoken here. It is rather a multilingual country having Indians, Chinese and people from other countries. When Canadian culture is concerned, it is quite unique and diverse. 
  9. More opportunities to get study Visa: Students can easily get hold of a visa when compared to other countries like the U.S. Once they complete their one-year study, they are ready to apply for permanent resident-ship here. The consultants can offer detailed information pertaining to this aspect. 
  10. Weather: Canada boasts of having an awesome weather attracting tourists of all types to come here throughout the year. Temperature tends to go to about minus 20 degrees. This country becomes beautiful during autumn season as the trees here change colour from green to red or orange. 
  11. Ample research opportunities: Canadian education is considered to be unique as research and development is emphasized more. Those practicing research scholars can benefit immensely studying here. The Canadian government provides excellent support to carry out researches in various disciplines like technology, environmental science, agriculture, telecommunication and medicine. 
  12. Festivals: Since the country boast of having cultural diversity, there are different types of festivals celebrated here throughout the year. This is because of the diverse ethnic groups residing here practicing different lifestyle and cultures. Hence, this multicultural environment here promotes peaceful living and friendliness, something not known much in other countries. A good number of foreign students studying in the universities and colleges prefer to settle down here. You get to experience the rituals and festivals celebrated here like:
    • Calgary Stampede
    • Montreal International Jazz Festival
    • Just of Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival
    • ‘Poutine Week’ – Perfect blend of cheese curd, delicious gravy and French fries.
    • NHL Hockey
  13. Peaceful and safe: This country has been ranked consistently as one of the world’s safest nations. Global Peace Index in 2018 had ranked this country the 6th spot among world most peaceful countries. Being an international student, you also derive similar rights like that of any Canadian resident. 
  14. Immigration opportunities: PWPP (Post Graduation Work Permit Program offered here allows students to work and reside in Canada for a period of about three years on successful completion of the graduation program. This way, you will be able to gain international work exposure and experience being eligible to apply for Canadian permanent residency after some time. 
  15. Lively, vibrant campus life: Canadian campuses indulge in various types of fests, events and other exciting activities throughout the year. It helps create a lively, happy environment for the students. At the same time, such events allow you to stay connected with others, create friendship. It helps eliminate homesickness issues that are faced by the majority as they are thousands of miles away from their families. 

You should contact the best overseas education consultants for Canada to pursue your higher studies without any hindrance or issues.

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