4 Interesting Facts About Imperial College London


Found among the most famous museums of London’s South Kensington, Imperial College London (ICL) is one of the top-rated and highly-ranked universities in the world. In addition to this, it is regarded as the most innovative university in Europe. It is believed that ICL is the only college/university in the United Kingdom (UK) to focus completely on engineering, science, business, and medicine.

Some of the unusual yet interesting facts from its over 150-year history have been listed here:

Numero Uno: Imperial College London was founded by great Prince Albert as a part of Albertopolis

Following the success of the 1851 Great Exhibition, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert wanted to invest the proceeds into a completely new brand, world-class educational yet cultural quarter for the arts and science. Named as Albertopolis, the entire area was centred along with the Exhibition Road in South Kensington, the Science Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Royal Albert Hall, the Victoria, and Albert Museum. In 1887, Queen Victoria laid the foundation stone and opened the Imperial Institute but after merging with the several royal colleges, it becomes the Imperial College London.

Fact 2: ICL was an important member of the University of London

In July 1907, the Imperial Institute and the Royal Colleges were merged and formed the Imperial College London. From its commencement, this university was an important member of the University of London. However, right after 100 years, ICL left the hand of the University of London in 2007.

Fact 3: ICL is home to UK’s biggest brain bank

ICL is home to the Parkinson’s and MS Tissue Bank, collection of the “central nervous system tissue samples” donated by people with Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and related issues. Over 1,650 specimens are stored with samples at -80 degrees that are used in research projects at above 100 institutions all across the globe.

Fact 4: ICL has a special ‘Climate Change’ centre

The Grantham Institute for Climate Change and Environment was founded in 2007. It is one of the six cross-departmental centres majorly focusing on particular societal issues. It was formed with the help of a multi-million pounds donation from the Grantham Foundation for the safety of our environment. It is the largest private funding given to climate change-related research work in the UK.

Final Thoughts

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