7 Things You Should Know About Ireland When Planning to Study There


Everyone is very keen on building up their bright career. But a bright career begins with a strong foundation, and a strong foundation is enhanced with proper education. Initial education usually occurs in a good school. The initial educational foundation is laid by the top schools in the town. This is the time when a child starts to dream about his future. They begin to take small steps towards fulfilling their dreams. A strong determination along with hard work is the key factor towards success. Parents also play an important role in nurturing their child’s dreams of a bright career. They are the supporting pillars behind their children. They are the people who remain firm behind their children and help them achieve their dreams.

Many parents and their children dream of completing higher education abroad. They feel that studying abroad might open new doors to various opportunities. These are the doors that will lead their children towards a bright future. Studying abroad requires a lot of research and planning. The parents need to take care of certain areas before sending their children abroad to complete their higher studies. Choosing the country is one of the most aspects. You can send your child to study in Ireland, but you need to know certain things about the country before you make the final decision.

Things You Need to Know Before Going to Ireland:

  1. History is Important- This does not imply that you can only go to Ireland to study history. Absolutely not! The history here means you need to know few things about Ireland. Ireland is a country with deep-rooted traditions and culture. You should know the details about the jaw-dropping features of Ireland before pursuing higher education over there. This will give you an overall idea about the country and help you develop your knowledge about the country. There is a saying convincing us to know the past to encourage our future. It is important to know the psychology of the Irish people. This will help you to get along with them in college or universities.
  2. Magician and Magic are Inseparable- Ireland is the land of mystery. There are numerous exotic places and sites to visit in the country. Make a list of the famous sites like Cliffs of Moher and Emerald’s Isle. The breath-taking views of the landscape make the country the most preferred country for travellers. If you are planning to study, research about the mystical areas in Ireland. You cannot afford to miss out on any of the breath-taking views in the country. Enjoy your time if you plan to complete your education by staying in the country.
  3. Do not Forget to Say Cheese– Even if you plan to go to Ireland to study, do not forget your cameras in your bags. Dedicate some time from your busy schedule, and let the mountains speak. Let the valleys bloom and you can capture some of the breath-taking and mystic views. Sending these pictures to your family and friends can make them smile. The smile you put on the faces is precious. Let the pictures do the talking and let nature take over you. If your prospective college or university is in the lap of nature, allow some space inside your bag for your camera.
  4. Blend in With the Music- If you have already there in the Irish town, take time from your tight schedule. Utilize your time to find some exotic venues where you can find some pleasant Irish music. Irish music is composed of melodious tunes and full of culture. The rich heritage of Irish music is there in many places. Try to find one and let the rich music nourish your soul. It has an incredible power to take your soul to another level.
  5. Hearing Craic is Safe- While studying in Ireland, you will come across several terms that seem to be quite common in the town. One such word is the craic. However, do not panic on hearing this term. This word merely means to have fun. You will encounter the word once you are among the Irish students. You can think that slowly the Irish people are accepting you as one among them. They want you to indulge in some happy moments with them. Having fun with the Irish people is something to cherish throughout your life.
  6. Some Savoury Drink- Although having liquor is still considered a taboo in India, you can give some twist to your taste buds by Ireland’s one of the most favourite drinks called Guinness. This is a drink that is served at room temperature and tastes the best at room temperature. If you get some time after finishing your university classes, you can pay a visit to the local eatery with some of your friends. You can give your taste buds a taste of this savoury drink. You can sip in from a glass full of Irish heritage and culture. It is also to be kept in mind that as a student, you have certain responsibilities. You cannot drink and be one among the few who can vomit around the bushes. You can sip this cultural drink in Ireland but with responsibility. You should only have the amount that suits you and keep you under control. You cannot afford to be an irresponsible drinker because you should know that you are a student.
  7. Never Hide Your True Identity- It’s often a wrong notion among people that the Irish people do not gel with people from other countries. However, this is not true. The Irish people are friendly and amiable to most people. If you are a student studying abroad, you can find some of your Irish friends sharing their traditions with you. It is expected that you will also exchange your thoughts and opinions about your country. It is better not to hide your real identity in Ireland.

If you are flexible enough, you can expect a good life in Ireland. The weather and climatic conditions in Ireland change inevitably. It is better to go with the flow. You also need to change and modify your study plans while studying in any college in Ireland.

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