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Top 5 Courses in Australia


Why Study Abroad in Australia? What are the Top 5 Courses in Australia to Study? If these questions are coming to your mind, then this Blog post is for you. Australian Universities rank among the best 100 Universities of the world. This is one of the reasons International Students prefer to Study in Australia due to its globally renowned courses, cultural richness, friendly people, & high standard of living. The Top Courses in Australia for international students include Engineering, Accounting, Tourism, Business and Management. With more than 1,100 universities and institutions & around  22,000 courses available to acquire globally recognized degrees, its quality of education makes Studying Abroad in Australia one of the most desired destinations among International Students. Let’s find out the Top 5 Courses in Australia!


An Accountant’s main role & responsibility is to manage the finance of a business and ensure that the business meets the tax compliance as mandated by the law. They are also responsible to prepare financial reports to provide information for the business owners. These reports help business owners to make educated decisions about their businesses.

  • Roles of an Accountant
    • Prepare Budgets and accounting policies
    • Prepare Financial Statements for an Organization
    • Analyze the company’s costs of operations, income & expenditure
    • Carry out financial investigations & audit
    • Ensure all financial reports comply with financial regulations
  • Types Accountancy Courses to Study in Australia- There are a wide variety of Accountancy courses available to Study in Australia. From Certificate to Diploma, Bachelor and Master level courses in Australia are available. Let’s check them out!
    • Diploma in Accounting– Generally, this is a six-month full-time course.
    • Bachelor of Commerce– These are of 3 years course duration and you can pick an area of specialty in this course.
    • Master of Commerce– This can be done only once you’ve completed your Bachelor of Commerce. This is a full-time 1-year course.
  • Accountancy- Career Opportunities- The accounting industry offers a variety of roles for future accountants. They can choose to work in an accountancy firm or they can move to a tax domain or specialization. The following are the main roles available in the  Accountancy area:
    • Chartered accountant
    • Tax accountant
    • Actuary
    • Management consultant
    • Banker
    • Stockbroker
    • External auditor
    • Chief Financial Officer
  • Accountancy in Australia – Cost of Studying– The average cost of studying accountancy in Australia ranges from $20,000 to $40,000 (approx.) a year depending on the education provider and where do you live. The cost of tuition varies from university to university.
  • Accountancy in Australia – Salary Expectations– The average salary for an accountant starts at $88,000 per annum (approx.) in Australia. A qualified junior accountant’s salary starts at $70,000 (approx.) (per annum), and a senior accountant draws $110,000 (per annum) (approx.) annually. The average salary for an auditor is around $82,000 per annum (approx.).

Computer Science and Information Technology

Everything is being digitized today. The demand for computer science & IT (information technology) graduates has also risen over the past few years. You’re on the right track if you are thinking of pursuing a degree in this field.

  • Computer science and information technology – Common Courses
    • Computer Science: You will be taught how a computer works, from a theoretical point of view and mathematics. Modules include a lot of theories, algorithms, and programming languages.
    • Software Engineering: This course is more practical-oriented. You’ll be taught the life cycle of software development, as well as project management, software testing, & quality assurance.
    • Computer Engineering: This course teaches both the hardware and software parts of the computer to the students. You’ll also learn how to assemble and disassemble a computer. A lot of majors in computer science and electronics engineering are covered.
    • Information Technology:  This course is slightly of a general type. It teaches software, database, system & architecture. It also teaches you the foundation of computing.
    • Data Analytics: This course teaches how knowledge & pattern can be extracted from data with proper tools & techniques. Data analytics emphasizes the importance of data to organizations.
    • Networking: This course trains you to make connections between computers while also taking care of hackers and also maintaining the security of the network.
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI): This course will teach you on deep learning, robot programming & Image processing.
  • Computer science and information technology – Career Opportunities– There are so many vast Career Opportunities available in the Computer Science & Information Technology field that it becomes difficult for students to choose the right career option. Some of the prominent job opportunities are:
    • Software Engineer
    • Web Designer
    • IT Support
    • Data Analyst
    • Project Manager
    • Network Engineer
    • Business Analyst
  • Computer science and information technology – Cost of Study– Average annual tuition fees for Bachelors in Information Technology & Computer Science at most of the universities in Australia ranges between 32,000 AUD to 45,000 AUD (approx.).

Core Engineering

Engineering courses are also one of the Top Courses in Australia. They  are available as 4-year bachelor’s degrees, 2-year master’s degrees, and 4-year doctoral degrees in a variety of subject areas such as mechanical, civil, and electrical engineering.

  • Engineering in Australia – Eligibility Requirements
    • Graduated from 12th grade from a recognized board with a minimum 60%.
    • English Proficiency Test (IELTS/TOEFL) test scores
    • School Exams (Class 10 & 12) Transcripts
    • Letter of Recommendations
    • Statement of Purpose (SOPs)
    • Proof of finances
    • Photocopy of Passport
    • Health Insurance
    • Study Visa
  • Engineering in Australia – Career Scope– International Students flock to Study Abroad in Australia to study Engineering. An Engineering graduate from Australia earns an average income of 80,000 AUD per annum (approx.)  Some of the jobs that engineers in Australia can pursue:
    • Mechanical Engineer
    • Civil Engineer
    • Electrical Engineer
    • Structural Engineer
    • Industrial Engineer
    • Mining Engineer
    • Automation Engineer
  • Engineering in Australia – Tuition Fees- For international students wanting to study Engineering in Australia, the average tuition fee for a bachelor’s level engineering degree ranges from 15,000 AUD  to 30,000 AUD per annum (approx.) whereas a master’s degree can be pursued in a budget of AUD 20,000 to 37,000 AUD per annum (approx.).

Biomedical Engineering

Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering course trains students with proper technical and management skills in the Biomedical sector. The degree is generally of 3 to 4 years duration. Every year large MNCs in the Biomedical engineering sector such as Johnston & Johnston, Toshiba, Siemens, & General Electric hire fresh Biomedical Engineering graduates in large numbers. Biomedical Engineering is one of the Best Courses to Study Abroad in Australia.

  • Biomedical Engineering – Best Universities
Universities Course Name
University of Melbourne Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering Systems
University of Sydney Bachelor of Engineering Honors (Biomedical Engineering)
Monash University Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering (Honors)
University of New South Wales Bachelor of Engineering (Honors) Bioinformatics
RMIT University Bachelor of Engineering (Biomedical Engineering) (Honors)
  • Biomedical Engineering – Tuition Fees
University Course Duration Tuition fees (AUD) (approx.)
University of New Castle 4 Years 42,000
University of New South Wales 5 Years 48,000
Queensland University of Technology 4 Years 40,000
University of Sydney 4 Years 52,000
University of Melbourne 3 Years 45,000
  • Biomedical Engineering – Career Scope– Biomedical Engineering Graduates can be placed in the following sectors:
    • Medical and healthcare services
    • Clinical engineer
    • Biotechnology and biomechanics manufacturing companies 
    • Biotechnology and biomechanics manufacturing companies
    • Bioinstrumentation and biomedical device companies

Tourism and Hospitality Management

Australia is a tourist destination, and there is an increasing demand for holders of the Tourism and hospitality management degree. It is one of the Top Courses in Australia. The average income you can get with a Bachelor’s in the field will be AUD 60,000. Having a globally recognized Australian education allows you to spread your wings to explore the world with confidence to fulfill your career aspirations. The field of hospitality & tourism management  offers training in tourism management, management of resorts, restaurants and hotels, ecotourism, culinary management, food studies & international tourism.

  • Tourism and hospitality management – Career Options– Students who graduate with a Tourism & hospitality management degree in Australia will have boundless opportunities open for them. A wide variety of job openings are there in the vast industries of travel and hospitality from restaurants to travel agencies, to hotels and resorts.   Following are a few career options open for them:
    • Restaurant Manager
    • Hotel Manager
    • Travel Consultant
    • Resort Manager
    • Tourist / Cultural Tourist Development Manager
    • Waiter/Waitress, Hotel
    • Leisure, Sports and Events Manager
    • Airline or Cruise Manager
    • Housekeeping Supervisor

Average Salaries range from AUD 24,000 to AUD 65,000 (INR 13 lakhs to 45 lakhs per annum).

  • Top Courses
University/College Name of Course Tuition Fee for the whole Course
International College of Hotel management Bachelor of Hospitality Management AUD 78,000 (INR 42 lakhs)(approx.)
Southern Cross University Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management AUD 68,500 (INR 36 lakhs)(approx.)
Torrens University Bachelor of Business in Hospitality Management AUD 93,000 (INR 51 lakhs)(approx.)
Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, Sydney Diploma of Business (International Hotel and Resort Management) AUD 31,000 (INR 17 lakhs)(approx.)
The Hotel School Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management AUD 83,000 (INR 45 lakhs)(approx.)

Tourism and hospitality management – Top Universities

University QS World University Rankings
University of South Australia 51-100
Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School 26
Monash University 51-100
Griffith University 21
University of Queensland 31


Australian Universities are globally renowned for their quality of education.  Around seven Australian universities also feature among the top 100 universities in QS and THE World university rankings. Studying Abroad in Australia is also very popular among Indian students due to its excellent quality of education, stay-back option, & good immigration opportunities. If you are planning to Study in Australia, hope this blog post has helped you out by providing the right guidance on the Top 5 Courses in Australia. Please like and share this post!

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