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5 Affordable Cities in Ireland for International Students


When it comes to the most popular destinations for education, Ireland always comes on the list. While drawing numerous students every year, Ireland has established itself as one of the world leaders when it comes to providing top-quality higher education to students. The nation is well-known for its green infrastructure, friendly residents, proud heritage, old cities, and reputable academic facilities. Colleges in Ireland rank in the top 1% of all research facilities in terms of the effect of their work. Overseas students can afford to attend university in Ireland. The nation has a great deal to offer international students with over 3000 study options. Through this blog, we are going to discuss affordable cities in Ireland, how is Ireland for international students, and some facts of study in Ireland. So let’s begin.

Top 5 Affordable Cities in Ireland

  1. Waterford- Topping the list of the most affordable cities in Ireland is Waterford. The cradle of civilization in Ireland is Waterford, which is located southeast of the island. Students will be inspired by the breathtaking coastlines and harbors that can be seen all across the city. Since the town is smaller compared to many of its contemporaries, the population is likewise modest. Waterford provides a laid-back lifestyle with beautiful vistas, respectable leisure, and nightlife alternatives. Rental costs for homes are likewise significantly lower here.
  2. Limerick- Coming second in the list of affordable cities in Ireland is Limerick. It was established in 922 AD by Vikings and is situated in the Münster district. If you’re looking for a good level of living at a lower cost, Limerick is a great choice. Due in great part to the availability and cost of housing, transportation, educational opportunities, and recreational pursuits, Limerick remains the only Irish town outside of Dublin whose disposable income is higher than the national average. In Limerick, international students excel! It serves as a fantastic home base for people who wish to go throughout the rest of the country in their spare time because of its strategic position and good transit connections. Additionally, it is the location of the prestigious University of Limerick, which enrolls over 3,000 foreign students each year from over 100 different nations.
  3. Galway- Coming 3rd on the list is Galway. Galway, which faces the west part, is a very lovely and reasonably priced city for overseas students. Additionally, it is among the world’s warmest cities. This city is situated at the crucial confluence of the River Corrib and the Atlantic Ocean. The port city is well known for its diverse food, which includes restaurants with Michelin stars and the renowned Galway Farmer’s Market. Additionally, it boasts a thriving cultural scene, several yearly events, and the charming Latin Quarter. This has a number of eateries, bars, stores, and galleries.
  4. Cork- Making its way on number 4th is the city of Cork. It is the second-most populated city in Ireland. There are over 36,000 students enrolled there, and about 10% of them are overseas students from more than 100 different nations. Therefore, you may feel secure knowing that you will have a sizable worldwide network to count on for assistance. Cork, a town in the Munster area, is renowned as the Rebel District, which reflects the locals’ independence. The dialect and sense of humor of the locals are well known. Like its inhabitants, Cork has a distinctive atmosphere. If you enjoy live music and concerts, the city is a popular choice because of its vibrant nightlife and event scene. Lunch at a restaurant in Cork will typically cost you €16, which is €4 cheaper than the same meal in Dublin.
  5. Maynooth- 5th on the list of affordable cities in Ireland is the city of Maynooth. Along with first-rate dining options, Maynooth boasts lush, unpolluted woodlands. Additionally, it is well known for having nightlife open 24/7. Dublin’s city center is only a short drive from Maynooth City, and students have a wide range of travel options. By all means, take the Royal Canal Walk from the city to Leixlip. For tourists, the city’s chocolate cafés are also must-see attractions.

Ireland for International Students

Ireland has long had a prominent position on every traveler’s wish list because of its abundance of wide-open green pastures, emerald waters, and cozy watering places. Its lengthy history, which dates back to ancient settlers about 10,000 years ago, has long drawn history aficionados. Based on healthcare, literacy, and economy, Ireland ranks second in the world for quality of life according to the UN’s Human Development Index. Therefore, it was not surprising when Ireland steadily rose to the top of traveler favorites. Ireland for international students is a great choice as Students can choose from a wide range of course program alternatives in Ireland. Data science, advanced analytics, information science, computer engineering, information assurance, virtualization, programming languages, machine intelligence, nutraceuticals, tourism and hospitality, and corporate finance are some of the skill-based courses that have seen an increase in popularity in Ireland.

Numerous causes are responsible for Ireland’s consistent influx of students. For example, the Irish government gives graduates the choice to wait a year following graduation to look for work. The offer is continued for postgraduates for a maximum of two years. This choice is used by many overseas students who start their careers in Ireland. Because Ireland is the center for tech goliaths like Intel, Hewlett, Microsoft, PayPal, Google, Amazon, and Twitter, which stimulate the creation of job possibilities in the country, Ireland for international students receive a front-row seat to innovation. Along with this, Ireland is home to some of the biggest names in the financial services industry, including Accenture, KPMG, and PwC. It’s interesting that Ireland is the second-largest software exporter in the world.

Facts about Study in Ireland

  1. Study in Ireland or education in Ireland is both free and compulsory for the age group of 6-16.
  2. The idea of continuous improvement is one that is gaining popularity. Despite having its roots in Scandinavia, it is now widely used. Programs like “Post-Leaving Certificate” programs and the “Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme,” which caters to the jobless, are available in Ireland.
  3. If you study in Ireland then you should know, public elementary education was first offered in 1831. Since that time, a board of management with diocesan support oversees national schools. On top of that, a pastor is frequently present.
  4. In Ireland, there are many preliminary schools. Ireland’s preliminary schools are totally self-sufficient and do not receive any financing from the government. These institutions focus on preparing students for admission to autonomous or voluntary high schools. Once more, the majority of them are supported by a religious order.


Ireland is a nation in Europe that is situated near England. It features a central plain surrounded by low-lying highlands and Dublin, it is the capital city, is home to a little over 550,000 people. We decided to focus on one fascinating aspect of the nation, which is its educational system and through this blog, we covered affordable cities in Ireland, how is Ireland for international students, and some facts of study in Ireland. Hope this blog is helpful for you and you can also save this blog as a bookmark for future reference.

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