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Best Country to Study MBA For Indian Students


One of the most popular master’s degrees for students worldwide is an MBA degree. Most people choose an MBA as their post-graduate degree due to the growing importance of the degree. A thorough MBA program will provide you with a solid foundation in business essentials, including marketing, administration, financing, management skills, leadership, corporate responsibility, and human resources. This course is one of the most popular in the world. You may gain knowledge about global business and apply it to your future initiatives by pursuing an MBA overseas. Students who earned their Master of Business Administration from institutions overseas have the opportunity to work for international corporations like Google, IBM, Facebook, etc. Choosing the top MBA universities abroad, therefore, becomes the most difficult assignment. However, you need not fear since we will talk about it on this blog. Through this blog, we are going to discuss the best MBA Colleges Abroad For Indian Students, Cheapest MBA In Europe For Indian Students, and the Best Countries to Study MBA. So let’s begin

Why MBA from abroad?

For students from all around the world, studying for an MBA abroad presents a fantastic opportunity. Here are some reasons why doing an MBA abroad is a fantastic choice, to help clarify this further–

  • Once the course is completed, an MBA graduate from a reputable international institution receives a salary that is much more than an MBA graduate from an Indian B-school.
  • A CXO job or other top entrepreneurial positions may be yours with an international MBA. You will have many possibilities to connect with students from other cultures, educators, possible employers, and people with substantial expertise in their respective fields if you are pursuing an MBA overseas. Such a vibrant network will enable you to seize future possibilities.
  • Studying for an MBA abroad will prepare you for modern business challenges and give you a competitive advantage in sophisticated management strategies.

Best Colleges to Study MBA abroad for Indian students

Below is the list of best MBA colleges abroad for Indian students

  1. Stanford Graduate School of Business– This year’s best business school in the world is Stanford Graduate School of Business, which received the highest marks for entrepreneurialism and alumni outcomes. The B-school offers its MBA students the chance to tailor their programs with electives, seminars, and courses provided by other Stanford institutions. Additionally, students have the option of pursuing a combined or dual degree.
  2. The Wharton School– one the best MBA colleges abroad for Indian students, the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School earned a number of the highest ratings for management, competitiveness, and return on investment, helping it to place second on the list of top MBA schools.
  3. IE business school– IE Business School in Madrid, Spain provides a world-class full-time MBA program. Founded in 1973 and a member of IE University since 2009, the Instituto de Empresa provides a flexible and over 40% customized MBA program where students can choose from four labs to pursue their business interests. High employability and return on investment are provided by IE University.
  4. Columbia Business School– George II, an inhabitant of Great Britain, established Columbia University in the year 1754. The institution provides an MBA degree with more than 150 electives, including courses in entrepreneurship, marketing, and finance. Additionally, it provides students with access to approximately 4,000 graduate-level courses and concentrations that are career-focused. The university receives high marks for leadership and employability.

MBA in Europe for Indian students

Below is the list of countries providing the Cheapest MBA in Europe for Indian students

  • Greece– Greece is appropriately referred to as the “Land of the Gods,” to offer an overview of the country. The lifestyle of a student will be much more delightful in this Mediterranean nation with amazing World Heritage sites and gorgeous beaches. The residents are really welcoming, and the cuisine is reasonably priced. For college students looking to have a good time on the weekends, Greece also offers vibrant nightlife!
  • Poland– Academic education in Poland has a history that dates back to 1364. Poland, a sophisticated and vibrant nation, places a lot of emphasis on high-quality education. The nation has been more well-liked among overseas students over the past 12 months. More than 800 programs are offered in English at the more than 400 institutions in Poland. Poland is one of the greatest nations to think about studying abroad since it is secure and has a high standard of living.
  • Portugal– Portugal is a country with fantastic weather, delicious food, good wine, and beautiful beaches. Portugal is also among the least expensive nations in Europe! Portugal is one of the greatest places in Europe to study because of its low living expenses and reasonable tuition charges.
  • Spain– The fact that Spain offers a lot of MBA programs with English instruction is the finest feature of studying there as an international student. However, as a student living here, it is inevitable that you will pick up the language. This is also a huge benefit and will be beneficial to your business career! For admittance, a high school diploma or a certificate from a bachelor’s program is typically adequate, as is confirmation of English or Spanish language ability.

Best Country to Study MBA for Indian Students

Below is the list of Best Countries to Study MBA

  1. USA– one of the best countries to study MBA. The top 5 countries to study an MBA abroad are all in the US. International students can enroll in the best Master of Business Administration courses at some of the world’s best universities in the USA. The curriculum lasts approximately two years, during which there is a summer internship.
  2. UK– The second most popular country for taking an MBA abroad is the United Kingdom. London is the most attractive investment hub in the world, according to the Global Financial Centre Index survey. The capital of the UK is home to several of the best business schools, including UCL, the London School of Economics, and London Business School.
  3. Canada– Canada, another nation from North America, is in third place. Excellent business courses are offered by top MBA colleges in Canada. According to the QS Global MBA Ranking 2023, six of the top 100 business universities in the world are situated here. When Indian students choose to pursue an MBA abroad, Canada frequently tops the list of options.
  4. Australia– Australia is now a second English-speaking country where MBA students may study abroad. International students with alternative options can enroll in a reasonably priced MBA program at Australian colleges. Australia boasts a sizable Indian population, a climate that is comparable to India’s, and a laid-back student scene.
  5. Germany– The electrical and automotive sectors of Germany are well-known. Its economy is innovative and driven by technology. One of the greatest options for pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree is one of Germany’s well-known public B-Schools. Students get the opportunity to collaborate with multinational companies like Philips, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, etc.


You will be well-positioned in the corporate world if you pursue an MBA. The need for MBA graduates has grown as the global economy calls for people who have a wide understanding of the industry. The difficulties brought about by globalization have further motivated people all across the world to seek an MBA from a reputable overseas business school. The decision to enroll in an MBA program abroad has replaced discretion with necessity due to its capacity to improve professional chances and enable graduates to flourish in a foreign culture. Through this blog, we discussed the best MBA Colleges Abroad For Indian Students, Cheapest MBA In Europe For Indian Students, and the Best Country To Study MBA And Settle For Indian Students.

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