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Top reasons to study in Ireland

Top Reasons to Study in Ireland


Top Reasons to Study in Ireland

One of the world’s most beautiful and peaceful nations, Ireland offers many opportunities for students pursuing their education in a foreign country. Ireland has everything for scenic views with top universities in the world; the island nation serves everything that a student requires to stay there and complete their studies, and because of all this, studying in Ireland has become quite popular in recent years. With colleges like Trinity University Dublin, University College Dublin, and many more, the benefits of studying in Ireland are numerous. With the help of this blog, we will cover all the benefits of studying in Ireland and what it is like to study in Ireland for Indian students. So let’s begin.

Benefits of Studying in Ireland

Below mentioned are some of the benefits of studying in Ireland-

  • Course– Ireland offers all the courses a student can study. The most interesting part about a study in Ireland is that the students can modify their courses and choose the subjects they are interested in, allowing them to follow their passion. Universities in Ireland follow this structure to make studies more interesting, and you can check many feedbacks on the internet regarding the courses in Ireland; the maximum number of students find the models of the courses interesting compared to other countries.
  • Visa– Ireland visa is also perfect in terms of availability. In Ireland, if you are going there to pursue a master’s, then you will get an Irish visa which will be 1+2, which means that in Ireland, the master’s courses are generally one year long, just like the UK. After completing it, you get two years of extension to look for a job and gain experience. For undergraduates, the visa you will get is 3+2, which means three years for your bachelor’s and two years extensions to look for a job and gain experience. Ireland visa is also easy to get without many complications, an issue that most students face when applying for a US student visa.
  • Fees and Scholarships– Compares to other English-speaking nations, Ireland is affordable in terms of tuition fees. In Ireland, an individual can complete their master’s with as less as Rs 8,00,000 (9,782$ and Euro 9,268) and an undergraduate for Rs 17,26,300 – 25,58,144 (20,000-25,000 Euro). Also, numerous scholarships are provided by the universities in Ireland, from as less as 1,200 euros to up to 4,000 euros.
  • Population– Ireland has a population of 5.08 million people, far less than any major country. Less population means more job opportunities, and it becomes easy for a student to find a job because the completion is also less compared to countries like India, the USA, the UK, Australia, etc.
  • Cultural Diversity– They might have less population, but the people living there are multicultural, especially the university students. Ireland is a popular country among international students for studies which makes the country diversified in culture. One more thing if you are an Indian travelling to Ireland and thinking about the food options, then do not worry; Indian food is widely available in the country.
  • Weather– During summer, the weather in Ireland is quite good, with a pleasant amount of sunlight. One thing that students find very interesting in Ireland is that the weather in Ireland is very unpredictable. If it looks like it is sunny out there, it starts raining the next moment, so pack your raincoats and umbrellas.
  • Language– Ireland is an English-speaking nation which indicates that there will be no communication barrier among individuals. Also, this allows students from non-English speaking countries to improve their English speaking skills.
  • Part-Time Jobs– As an international student in Ireland, you can work up to 20 hours a week during regular college time and vacations, and a student can work up to 40 hours a week. In terms of payment, the standard pay for a student starts from 10 euros per hour and can go up to 25 euros per hour.
  • Opportunities– Ireland, specifically Dublin, is the Hub of many IT giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Dell Technologies, Intel, IBM, Salesforce, Twitter, etc. Apart from being the Hub of big IT giants, Ireland also has a thriving startup scene with many innovative and successful companies such as Intercom, Nuritas, Boxever, Webio, Soapbox Labs, Roomex, Xanadu, Gecko Governance, Flipdish, Pointy. So international students in Ireland have many opportunities available to them.
  • Daily expenses– Ireland is also quite affordable regarding the daily costs of a student. Groceries, travelling, and shopping all are quite affordable in Ireland. Only the rent for living there is a bit higher, but that also depends on the student. If a student lives within the campus, it is less expensive compared to students who look to stay outside the campus.

How good is Ireland for Indian students?

Studying in Ireland for Indian students is very good as the nation offers a quality education with world-class faculties that help and guide the students. Indian students studying in Ireland also get exposed to various things, like people from different cultures, that help them broaden their viewpoint. Also, they learn how markets worldwide work, which helps them develop their skills and prepare them for the future to work anywhere globally.

Is an Ireland degree valid in India?

Yes, an Ireland degree is very valid in India and is valued by every organization from small to the top.

Is it easy to get PR in Ireland?

Ireland offers pathways to permanent residency (PR) through schemes like the Stamp 4 permission, providing an indefinite stay. However, the ease of obtaining PR can vary based on factors such as employment, education, and individual circumstances. IT and pharma students may have favourable conditions, but the process may not be universally easy. Students’ spouses are generally not allowed to accompany them. Immigration policies can change, so it’s advisable to check with official Irish immigration sources or consult an immigration professional for the latest and most accurate information.


As discussed in the blog, studying in Ireland is very attractive and useful for international students pursuing their education abroad. The benefits of studying in Ireland are numerous and offer students a wide range of opportunities. Studying in Ireland for Indian students is also very good for their careers as after graduation, they will get an internationally recognized degree valued by every employer worldwide.

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