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Over a while, Canada is becoming the most favourite destination for students to pursue their higher studies. Getting a visa for Canada is not that easy; the person needs to get the proper guidance for all the formalities of applying for a visa from the overseas study consultant for Canada in Kanpur. Canada is the safest and one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Studying here will be a great advantage for the students.

Get the Canada visa by following these 5 steps

  • Get your acceptance letter: If the student wants to get a Canadian study visa, they need to obtain the acceptance letter from a reputed Canadian university. This acceptance letter will contain all the information regarding the requirements, and the person needs to verify all the content. The letter must have come from the Designated Learning institution as it is the Canadian government’s authorized organization. To ensure that the course you are going to pursue comes under the list that offers a work permit after study, you can contact the best consultants, AEC.
  • Prepare study permit application: Once the person gets the letter of acceptance, then the person needs to begin with a Canadian study permit application. The application will require extensive information related to the student that will ensure that the student has all the abilities to stay and study here. The requirement of documents can vary from country to country. So, it is very important to consult the overseas consultants for more details. It will also include the information related to the financial support system that can be required by the student to support his/her stay in the country.
  • Submit study permit application: Before applying, just cross-check and double cross-check all the documents attached to the study permit application. This application can be submitted through online or offline portals at the designated authorities. The processing time of the application can vary from country to country. It can take few days, weeks, and even months. So it is better to be sure about this thing right from the beginning.
  • Travel to Canada: Once your application for Canada is approved, you will receive a letter of introduction at the port of entry or travel visa as per the documentation of the application. This documentation will not be sent to the person through mail or post. The person needs to pick it when they land Canadian POE. If the person is already living in Canada, then this approval will be sent through the mail.
  • Maintain good status: If you want to stay in the country for a long period, then the person needs to maintain all the legal requirements of Canada. There are a certain set of rules that every person has to follow.

If you are ready to follow all these steps, you will succeed in getting a Canada student visa permit. For all these formalities, you need to consult the overseas study consultant for Canada in Kanpur i.e AEC.

Consult AEC for Student visa permit for Canada

If you are facing a problem in getting a student visa for Canada, consult AEC. We are here for a one-to-one conversation with clients. Our trained consultants thoroughly go through the students’ profiles and provide them with the best career advice. We are in the field of consulting for the last 15 years. Now we are providing our students with tutorial services of the IELTS, PTE, etc that are necessary to apply a visa for various countries like Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany, Singapore, etc. Once you meet us, we are sure to provide the best services that will be satisfactory for the clients.

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