Winnipeg, Canada

Particular: Details

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Established: 1968

Total Students: 6,900

Percentage of International Students: 15%

You can be admitted to ICM if you don’t quite meet either the English and/or academic requirements of the University of Manitoba. Classes are much smaller than the usual university lecture size, approx. 30-35 students per class.

ICM students have longer class hours which allows more time to better understand the course and they have regular access to lecturers. Additionally, ICM students receive extensive academic and personal support, not only for their studies, but to help them adjust to living in Canada.

The foundation program, UTPI is an 8 month program (two terms). Students can begin their studies in January, May or September. Upon successful completion of UTPI, you can progress to the first year university program, UTPII.

ICM offers:

University Transfer Program Stage I (UTPI): a foundation or pre-university studies program that acts as a bridge between secondary school and university-level studies.

University Transfer Program Stage II (UTPII): equivalent to the first year university program at the University of Manitoba. Upon successful completion of UTPII, if you satisfy university admission requirements and deadlines and achieve the specified minimum GPA, you will be eligible to transfer to the second year of your degree at the University of Manitoba. Admission to some degree programs will be on a competitive basis and subject to quotas.

CM Student Services

Student advising

ICM has a team of friendly Student Success Advisors who are ready to help you with any questions you may have about courses, study skills, and life in Winnipeg.

Peer Tutoring

If you’re struggling or wanting some extra help in a specific course, ICM’s peer tutoring program will connect you with experienced ICM students who have excelled in the courses they are tutoring in.

Social events

A strong social network is a big part of adjusting to your new life in Winnipeg. All throughout the year, ICM organizes social events on and off campus. Past events include ice skating, talent shows, gaming nights, dodgeball tournaments, soccer games, dance parties, movie nights and many more.Check your Student Portal for upcoming events!


ICM staff host regularly scheduled workshops on many topics including exam preparation, how to dress for winter, choosing the right courses for your program, adjusting to life in Canada, how to apply to the university, and many other very beneficial workshops. All workshops and details are posted in your Student Portal.

Ranked 15th among the Canadian universities-Mclean’s university rankings.

BHIHMS has three campuses – Leura Campus, Sydney Campus, and the Melbourne Campus. Leura Campus operates as a hotel where students are both guests and staff. Third-year of the degree is completed at the Sydney Campus while the first two can be taken at any of the two campuses.

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