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Cost of Living in Australia for Indian Students


Australia provides quality higher education at an affordable rate. Seven Australian universities featured in Top 100 QS World University Rankings 2022. However, the Cost of Living in Australia for Indian Students can be a little bit higher. Students remain always concerned with the living costs. Cost of Living in Australia for Indian Students. A Guide will throw some light on the costs associated with living and studying in Australia. The cost of studying in Australia will depend on your university, the course you choose and the location. This blog post will act as a Guide to gain a better understanding on Cost of Living in Australia. It serves as an approximate guide also.

Tips to Save Money in Australia

  • Prepare a Monthly Budget
  • Save on electricity bill
  • Enjoy fee public events
  • Save money
  • Travel by Public Transportation

Cost of Living in Australia For Indian Students– Cost Factors

  1. Type & Cost of a University- Your cost of education in Australia depends on which university you have enrolled for higher studies.ost will also depend on which course you are taking admission into. A major portion of your cost of education will include Tuition fees. Basically, masters & doctorate degrees cost more than undergraduate degrees. Also, Public universities in Australia charge less than Private universities in Australia. However, International students have to pay more tuition fees than domestic students.
  2. Accommodation- Cost of Living in Australia for Indian Students also depends on the type of accommodation you choose. On-Campus accommodation i.e. Halls of Residence are cheaper than Homestays or Private Apartments.
  3. Exchange Rate- While doing the Australia Living cost for students, Exchange rates should be answered. If your country has a stronger exchange rate than  Australia, your living costs will be cheaper in terms of home currency. But if your exchange rate is cheaper than Australian Dollar AUD$ then Study in Australia can prove to be expensive. Some banks & exchange places will also charge for conversion of your currency into Australian Currency (Currency Exchange). This will also add up to the Cost of Living in Australia.
  4. Location- Australia Living cost for students varies from location to location. Some locations are more expensive to live in in comparison to others. The Location of the university is also one of the important factors affecting the Cost of Living in Australia. The cost of living in places like Sydney, Melbourne, or Canberra is much higher & expensive than other locations.
  5. Spending Habits- Your spending habits also impact the Cost of Living in Australia. If you are frequently spending on eating out, or on other forms of entertainment, it might considerably add  up to the living expenses.

Australia Living Cost for Student – Accommodation

  1. University Hostels- University Hostels or Campus Accommodations are the cheapest options available to International students. Universities provide subsidized hostel accommodations to students. The average costs of On Campus accommodations comes to around 100 AUD$-300 AUD$ per week (approx.)
  2. Rented accommodation (single-mode)- You can also choose for rented accommodation outside campus. You can also save the cost of living in Australia by opting to stay in one-bedroom spaces. The average weekly rent for this kind of accommodation comes to around AUD 160 to max. AUD 450 (approx.)
  3. Rented accommodation (shared)- You can even lower your accommodation costs by sharing accommodations with your roommates or associates. Shared accommodations help to minimize living costs by distributing the price of utilities bills among your peers. The average weekly rent for shared accommodation among roommates comes to around AUD 80 to AUD 215 (approx.)
  4. Homestays- Homestays options are great for International students if your university is located in an expensive area of Australia. Homestays allow you to live with an Australian family till the finish of the course. The average expenses for homestays come to around AUD 110 to AUD 300 (approx.) per week.
Accommodation Costs (approx.)
Hostels and Guesthouses  $90 to $150 per week (approx.)
Shared Rental $100 to $220 per week (approx.)
On campus $90 to $180 per week (approx.)
Homestay $250 to $350 per week (approx.)
Rental $185 to $450 per week (approx.)

Australia Living cost for student– Traveling Costs

Australia boasts of a great public transportation system, which keeps the costs of transportation to bare minimum. Trains & buses are the best choices of public transportation systems and also affordable. If you are residing on-campus, you can also avail of transportation systems arranged by the universities.

A bus ticket costs around an average AUD 3 (approx.). If you arrange a day pass of AUD 8 (approx.) if you are an extensive traveler. The average cost of a taxi ride is AUD 4 (approx.)

Expenses Cost (AUD)
One-way local transport ticket $3-6 (approx.)
Taxi 1 Km  $2-$4 (approx.)
Monthly Pass  $100-$225 (approx.)
Gasoline (1 liter) $2-$4 (approx.)

Australia Living cost for student – Food & Groceries Costs

Food & Groceries forms a major part of Living cost for students. If you are managing cooking on your own, the average price of groceries would come to around AUD 500 to AUD 1200 (approx.) per month. If you’re planning to dine out, an average meal would cost around AUD 20 to AUD 80 (approx.), depending on where you are dining out.

Other Living Expenses

Expenses Costs per week
Groceries and eating out $150 to $300 (approx.)
Gas, electricity $10 to $25 (approx.)
Phone and Internet $15 to $30 (approx.)
Entertainment $80 to $200 (approx.)


Australia has been voted as one of the best places to live & the opportunities it provides to international students. The country has a relaxed visa process. Remember that the cost of living in Australia for Indian students might be higher than your home country. Hope this blog post would help you get an estimate about the Cost of Living in Australia. Please drop a comment and share the post.

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