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Want to study in Germany? Looking for guidance to start your career? If you are looking for study abroad consultants for Germany in Kanpur, we at AEC are here for you! We inform and inspire students to go for their aspirations by providing them with all the information necessary. At AEC, we try to engage with the students efficiently and make sure they get what suits their interests the best. This vision motivates us to keep programs and conduct counselling that is pocket-friendly and affordable for students so that they can focus on their career factors in a better way. 

How AEC helps in finding the path?

  • Admission assistance: Students often get confused regarding which course to pick, and we assist them to pick the right course and solve all their confusion. We help the students by advising them concerning the selections of universities that direct their supported courses. Not simply this, an AEC instructor can, without much of a stretch, guide you with the whole method of affirmation. Initially, we would assist you with orchestrating your Statement of Purpose (SOP), just as the Letter of Recommendation (LOR). We will be your go-to neighbourhood direct for everything. We guarantee supreme straightforwardness and conversation about expense structures, facilities are done actually in light of each student keeping their necessities, courses they need to apply for, and the school which would best suit the interests. We need you to share everything about your inclinations straightforwardly with the goal that we can comprehend you better.
  • Guidance with visa: Getting a visa is something wherein a student may confront a great difficult situation. We assist the students while being mindful of documentation. This documentation part should be done immaculately while getting the assistance of someone fit and have all the data concerning it. We assist the student with everything, from having vital and legitimate documentation to preparing for the meeting and taking care of those extreme inquiries effectively; we set up the students with our master direction.
  • Pre-departure briefing: We put together Pre-Departure workshops for every one of you and even your folks to solve any questions or fears before you fly to your favoured place of study. We will guarantee that you know precisely what to do, where to go, and whom to contact whenever you have landed.
  • Post-arrival assistance: Our relationship doesn’t end once you have shifted abroad for your studies. It simply starts from the very beginning once more. Our instructors will stay accessible nonstop to guarantee that you face no trouble at all during your whole stay. Our advisors will assist you with picking the most ideal choice out of our attempted and tried assets concerning air terminal pick-ups, convenience, protection, unfamiliar trade, clinical arrangements, low maintenance occupations. Our entryways are consistently open for your folks if you face any trouble in your college.

Why is AEC the best?

We have a huge success rate in assisting students in getting admitted to their favourite colleges in Germany. The feeling and lifestyle of an establishment of higher education are huge factors in foreseeing how content and blissful you’ll be in your classes. All students have a preference that they may prosper in a bubbly city campus, or you may like better a more modest countryside. Our experts will guide you in every which way that will make the whole process of getting the admission smooth and hassle-free. Visit AEC and take counselling with us by booking a session if you’re looking for study abroad consultants for Germany in Kanpur.

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