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GMAT Preparation Tips – How to Improve Your GMAT Score?


Are you confused about how to improve your GMAT score? If your GMAT score is not improving after studying and taking the test multiple times, this blog post is for you. Planning your GMAT preparation well plays an important role in achieving success on GMAT. Ideally, it takes between 1 to 6 months to improve your GMAT score. In this blog post, we’ll present the top GMAT preparation tips & How to Improve your GMAT Score!  We’ll share some success mantras and valuable tips that will help you improve your GMAT score. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

GMAT Preparation- Best Way to S

The Graduate Management Admission Test is a widely taken test to secure admission in one of the top B-Schools in the world. GMAT score over 650 is considered a good score in securing a good job or seat in one of the top MBA Schools in the world. However, the GMAT test is pretty difficult and the candidates have to appear multiple times to improve the score. Let’s see some of the Best Ways to Study for GMAT to improve your GMAT score:

  • Develop a Study Plan- Create a detailed study plan if you are sincerely interested in improving your GMAT score. It is not enough to not only develop a Study Plan but also stick to it also. For this, you’ve to follow many steps, which we’ll discuss in detail further in this blog. Please note all the steps we’re going to discuss and prepare a schedule based on the time available to you. Be realistic about your time management. Make sure not to overschedule or overexert yourself or try to cram too much in a single day.
  • Understand the GMAT Format- Firstly, familiarize yourself with the GMAT format before you start attempting the GMAT diagnostic practice test. Having a clear understanding of the GMAT format beforehand can help you navigate the GMAT practice test much more efficiently.
  • Complete a Diagnostic Practice Test- Set yourself a target score to have a realistic idea of how much effort you have to put in before you attempt the GMAT diagnostic practice test. You can attempt the initial practice test at the Official GMATPrep Software site. This will get you to get an idea of your current skill level. Also, research the top business schools and find out the minimum GMAT scores needed for various MBA programs. These practice tests will help you to achieve the desired score in best utilization of time.
  • Analyze Your Mistakes- Simply, attempting test after test will not help you learn from your mistakes. To improve your score continuously, first, you need to carefully analyze any mistakes you made during the practice test. Then attempt another practice test. Simply attempting practice tests after tests will not help in improving your score. Only after carefully analyzing your mistakes, will you start identifying your weak spots and understanding where to focus your studies. You should also properly identify the mistakes. Was it too much rushing to complete the exam? Was it a calculation error? Or you missed an important grammar fundamental?
  • Learn GMAT Grammar Rules- GMAT test comprises a large Grammar part in the verbal section. In this section, you are required to rewrite sentences with the grammar corrected. GMAT grammar questions are limited to a small group of specific errors. Make sure you familiarize yourself with these specific error identifications. As you attempt more practice tests, you start identifying where the grammar questions are focused.
  • Practice reading Complex Texts- The reading comprehension section of the GMAT exam assesses your capability to analyze complex texts ranging from around 200 to 400 words. You have to develop a general understanding of academic writing, since the texts cover a broad range of topics. Tips to handle this section is to spend time reading articles related to humanities, law, business, and social sciences. Start practicing how to quickly summarize these articles and highlight their key points in a fixed time limit.
  • Ensure Adequate Timing- To secure a good score in GMAT, it’s vital to practice your timing. You have to practice again and again to spend the correct amount of time on each question and move on to the next question if you can’t reach an answer. Try to derive an average amount of time you have for each question. Practice until you can finish the test within the stipulated time.
  • Brush up On Math Concepts- The quant section is considered the trickiest part of the GMAT test for many students. For your best GMAT preparation, spend a lot of time brushing up on your math skills in geometry, trigonometry, algebra, statistics, and probability areas.  Although the questions are presented in a tricky way, only a decent understanding of basic math concepts is needed to answer them correctly. Try to use practice tests to get a feel for how the GMAT questions are presented.
  • Write down all your Math Calculations- You should have to know how to perform written calculations since you won’t have access to a calculator during the GMAT written exam. Unless you are one of the few math wizards who can accurately do all their calculations in their head, it is best advisable to write out all your math calculations to avoid mistakes. Some people may perceive this as a waste of time, but it can often identify mistakes you would have otherwise missed.
  • Practice on Essay Outlining- To save time on writing an essay in the long run, make a practice of creating a simple outline defining each work section. This will help you to save time because you’ll do less editing. Your final finished work will be much more organized. Start practicing outlining essays until you reduce the time taken to complete it max. to five minutes. Also, keep in mind that the maximum time allocated to complete the essay is 30 minutes. So, start practicing writing complete essays in this time limit.

GMAT Exam Tips

With a strong GMAT score, you stand out in the crowd for the admission process. Get ready for success and earn your best score with these expert GMAT Exam Tips:

  • Prepare a GMAT Study Plan early
  • Understand the structure of GMAT exam
  • Choose GMAT preparation materials wisely
  • Identify your GMAT weak areas
  • Start keeping track of time as part of GMAT preparation
  • Don’t stay stuck on any single GMAT question
  • Rule out wrong answers to get closer to the correct answer
  • Practice visual literacy (symbols, charts, and tables) during GMAT preparation
  • Utilize Mental Math as time-saving tool
  • Push your upper limit with GMAT advanced questions

Final Thoughts!

Scoring a low GMAT exam is demoralizing. However, the good news is that you can Improve your GMAT score by following the best GMAT Exam Tips. You should practice the exam on computer-based sample tests, and also try to solve analytics questions on paper. Hope this blog post on GMAT Preparation Tips – How to Improve your GMAT score will help you to achieve a good score. If you’ve found this blog post useful, please  like and share it!

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