Government Funding in India for Study Abroad


Government funding in India for Study Abroad going abroad for higher studies could be an expensive affair for any student. To support students who want to study abroad, the Government of India implements various schemes. In addition to this, many state governments also offer several schemes to such students.

In this post, we will discuss government funding in India to study abroad for students. Let us discuss some options here!

  1. National Overseas Scholarship for Scheduled Tribe Students Funding in India for Study Abroad

This scholarship scheme is implemented by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs. As per this scheme, financial support is provided to the meritorious students belonging to a scheduled tribe. This scheme covers some expenses of master’s level courses, Ph.D. programs, and Post-Doctoral Research Programs in international universities/colleges in the field of technology, engineering, and science. To avail the benefits of this scholarship program, the annual family income of the student should not be more than Rs. 6 lakh. This scholarship covers various components such as visa fees, medical insurance premiums, cost of local travel, cost of air travel, incidental journey expenses, annual maintenance allowance, etc.

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  1. National Overseas Scholarship for Scheduled Caste Students Funding in India for Study Abroad

This scheme is offered by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. Under this scheme, meritorious students belong to various scheduled castes are provided financial assistance. The financial assistance is available only for master’s and Ph.D. programs in international universities in the field of social science, pure and applied sciences, agricultural sciences, etc. Around 100 scholarships are provided every year to such students. For this scheme, the annual family income should not be more than Rs. 6 lakh. Like the National Overseas Scholarship for Scheduled Tribe Students, it also covers certain expenses including air travel cost, local traveling cost, medical insurance premium, visa fees, etc.

  1. Overseas Doctoral Fellowship Program Funding in India for Study Abroad

The fellowship provides financial support of $2,000 per month for 4 years to the students who are undertaking the doctoral research program in technology, science, engineering, medicine, etc. from abroad top-ranking universities/colleges in the UK, USA, and Canada.

  1. Overseas Post-Doctoral Fellowship Funding in India for Study Abroad

This fellowship program aims to build national capacity in the areas of science. The student must have acquired a Ph.D. degree in Science and Engineering not before the preceding 2 years from an esteemed and recognized institution in India. Under this fellowship, students are allowed to choose any overseas country/university/college around the globe excluding the USA.

  1. SERB Newton – Bhabha International Fellowships

Under this fellowship program, the financial support is provided to the Indian students belong to the research community to undertake post-doctoral research programs in the fields of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in the UK for 2 years. This fellowship or scholarship program provides the students with a stipend and covers research and one-off location expenses. The total financial support provided under this program is up to a maximum of £99,000 for 2 years.

Closing Remarks

Get in touch with AEC to know more about the other programs with funding in India for study abroad for Indian students. In addition to this, we will also help our students with finding the best-fit options (country, university/college, and course) by keeping their interest, educational background, and career objective in mind.

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