How much Money is Required to Study in UK?

Money is Required to Study in UK?

How much Money is Required to Study in UK?

Wondering How much Money is Required to Study in UK? While there is no doubt about the globally renowned standard of education in the UK, studying in the UK from India can prove to be an expensive affair if not properly planned. However, a properly made budget plan can help you to manage the cost of living in the UK more effectively. This blog will thoroughly look at How much Money is Required to Study in UK. Let’s find out and get an estimate!

Why Study in UK?

  • Globally reputed education
  • International Students are welcomed
  • Wide variety of courses to choose from
  • Excellent standards of teaching
  • Shorter duration of courses available
  • Cosmopolitan culture
  • Earn while you study
  • High Employment rate
  • Learn English language skills

Money Required to Study in UK

There are several important factors to consider and plan for the money required to study in the UK. Lets’ see one by one:

  • Tuition Fees- Tuition Fees form a major part of the money required to Study in the UK. Tuition fees become slightly expensive in case of MBA degrees or Medicine. The average fees for an MBA in the UK range from 35,000 Euro to 58,000 Euro (29 lakhs to 48 lakhs per annum). Similarly, pursuing MBBS from the UK can cost you between 23,000 GBP to 52,000 GBP (22 lakhs to 49 lakhs per annum). Lets’ see Tuition fees for some of the popular courses to Study in the UK.
CourseTuition Fees (per annum)
Undergraduate8,000-30,000 GBP (7,53,0000 INR to 28,00,000 INR) (approx.)
Postgraduate10,000-35,000 GBP (9,50,000 INR to 33,00,000 INR) (approx.)
Diploma13,000-21,000 GBP (12,25,000 INR to 20,00,000 INR) (approx.)
Doctoral15,000-30,000 GBP (14,13,000 INR to 28,25,000 INR) (approx.)

Study in UK from India – Cost of Living

An estimated Cost of Living to Study in the UK from India comes to around 10,000-12,000 GBP (9,50,000 INR-11,50,000 INR) (approx.) per annum. However, it can differ depending on the location, type of accommodation, lifestyle of student and basic expenses. Lets’ see below the approximated cost of living to Study in UK from India:

ExpensesAverage Expense per month
Accommodation500-700 GBP (approx.) (47,000-66,000 INR) (approx.)
Food & Groceries100-200 GBP (approx.) (9,500-19,000 INR) (approx.)
Household Bills40-50 GBP (approx.) (3,700-4,700 INR) (approx.)
Transportation30-40 GBP (approx.) (2,800-3,700 INR) (approx.)
Entertainment30-50 GBP (approx.) (2,800-4,700 INR) (approx.)
Miscellaneous200-300 GBP (approx.) (19,000-28,000 INR) (approx.)

Accommodation- Accommodation expenses form a major part of money required to study in the UK. There are a wide variety of accommodation options available to students such as halls of residence available on the university campus, private type of apartments, shared housing with fellow students, dormitories, or homestays with local people. Halls of residence are the most popular type of accommodation among International students. Let’s check out the average rent per month for different types of accommodations available to students:

Types of AccommodationAverage Rent/Month
Halls of Residence400-600 GBP (38,000-56,000 INR) (approx.)
Private apartments800-1000 GBP (75,000-94,000 INR) (approx.)
Local homestays10-60 GBP/per night (900-5,600 INR) (approx.)
  • Food Costs– International students on an average spend 100-200 GBP  (9,500-19,000 INR) (approx.) on food and groceries. If you are regularly eating out or ordering food often, this cost may increase substantially.
  • Let’s see some of the average prices for regular food products in the UK:
    • 1 loaf of bread: 1 GBP (95 INR approx.)
    • 12 eggs: 1.95 GBP (184 INR approx.)
    • 1 kg of bananas: 1.10 GB (104 INR approx.)
    • 1 liter of milk: 0.90 GBP (85 INR approx.)
    • 1 kg of local cheese: 5.60 GBP (530 INR approx.)
    • 1 kg of apples: 1.80 GBP (170 INR approx.)
    • 1 meal at affordable restaurants: 12 GBP (1130 INR approx.)
  • Transportation Costs- To commute to the university on a daily basis, you can choose from various modes of transport. Most of the transport organizations offer discounts to students and young people. The discounts offered can go up to 30%. On an average transportation costs between 30-40 GBP (approx.) (2,800-3,700 INR) (approx.) per month.
Mode of TransportFares
Train12-13 GBP (1130-1250 INR approx.)
Bus1-2 GBP (95-190 INR approx.)
Taxi6-90 GBP (565-8,500 INR approx.)
Metro4-5 GBP (375-470 INR approx.)
Cycle2 GBP for 30 minutes (190 INR approx.)
  • Household Bills- There are various Household bills to pay when Studying in the UK from India. Bills for electricity, water, mobile & internet should be paid on time to avoid any inconvenience. Most of the time, your rent may include the cost of household bills, but if it doesn’t then you have to consider the cost of household bills while studying in the UK. Additionally, you have to incur the cost of health insurance bills as part of miscellaneous expenses.
BillsAverage Expense Per Month
Gas/ water/ Electricity40-50 GBP (3,700 – 4,700 INR) (approx.)
Mobile & Internet15-50 GBP (1,400-4,700 INR) (approx.)
Cable TV12 GBP (1150 INR) (approx.)
Health Insurance50 GBP (5,000 INR) (approx.)
  • Entertainment- University life is just not about studies, books & exams. It’s also about indulging in some kind of leisurely activities to build your social circle, explore the country and learn the local culture. Let’s see some of the entertainment options available and the expenses incurred for them.
  • Application Fees for UK Universities The cost of applying to UK universities range from 50-150 GBP (4,700 INR-14,150 INR) (approx.)
    • UK Visa Application Fees- UK student visas depend on the type of visa you’re applying for. Check out various types of visas available to international students to study in UK, as well as their application expenses.
Type of VisaApplication Fee
Short-term study student visa97 GBP (9100 INR approx.) for 6 months;  186 GBP (17500 INR approx.) for 11 months
Tier 4 student visa (General)348 GBP (33,000 INR approx.)
Tier 4 student visa (Child)348 GBP  (33,000 INR approx.)

Final Thoughts!

How much Money is Required to Study in UK for International Students depends on a lot of factors such as the city where you decide to live in, your lifestyle, how you plan your budget and manage your expenses. As this blog post has pointed out, the average cost of living in the UK for students can vary between 12,000 GBP to 16,000 GBP per year (11,30,000 INR to 16,00,000 INR approx.) per annum beside the Tuition fees. Studying in the UK from India requires proper research & accommodation in areas of accommodation & rent. Hope this blog post will help you to estimate the money required to Study in the UK. Please like and share this blog!

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