How to Find Student Accommodation In UK?


As a foreign student, finding Student Accommodation in UK will be your first and the immense challenge you’ll have to tackle. University dorms, private residence, flats, & homestays are the most common types of accommodations in UK. However, selecting the one amongst these choices based on your desires and financial resources is a hard decision to make. You need a solid plan. In this blog, we’ll try to guide you on How to Find Student Accommodation in UK? It’ll help you to find the best student property for yourself.

Tips for finding a Good Student Accommodation in UK

  • Do your homework: Start browsing the internet, taking help from housing websites in the UK. To reach a decision in quick time, have a general idea about where you want to live and what are the available options for you? Investigate the trend of rent prices in your preferred locations. Also, you can also take the help of other students on online student’s forums
  • Search for Private Dormitories also: University dormitories are the preferred choice for Student Accommodation in UK, but they have a limitation in accommodating every incoming foreign student. Give priority to Private Dormitories also, since they are cheaper than private apartments. Private dormitories also give facilities such as libraries, cafeteria, residence halls, & sports activities.
  • Take help from the International Student Office: You can also take help from the International Student Office regarding your accommodation search. Make a Checklists of all bodies & sources you can take help from regarding your accommodation request when you arrive in UK.
  • Find roommates: If a Private flat or apartment is the only option left for you, then try to find roommates to share. Renting prices for Student Accommodation in London or nearby places are too high to handle all by alone.
  • Make sure the Accommodation includes all your requirements: If the accommodation doesn’t have all the basic requirements of life, you should not rent it. Surely price is an important factor, but the accommodation should include all basic necessities of life.

Types of Student Accommodation in UK

When it comes to choosing the right Student Accommodation in UK, it can give you the feeling of nervousness, since this is the first time you are living far away from home. There are many factors to consider such as location, budget, or room sharing. Lets’ see the different types of Student Accommodations:

  1. Student Halls

In the UK, Student Halls of residence are also known as Students dorms. There are basically two types of student halls: The University hall & the Private dorm which is located outside the University Campus. These Student dorms generally consist of 10 rooms on a single floor. Common areas are kitchen, living room, and reading room. All the rooms in the dormitories will have a shared bathroom facility.

The advantage of living in a student’s hall or dorms is that you get a chance to interact with other students. You have the option to choose between catered or non-catered student halls. You’ll be entitled to three meals a day in a catered hall choice. Also, you will still be able to access the shared kitchen. Depending upon your budget, you can choose between a single-bedroom or double-bedrooms. Living in Student dorms is much more comfortable as it is located inside campus and you don’t have to use transport to commute. Just wake up, get dressed and get ready to go to class.

Rooms in the Student dorm have limited availability, so apply soon via email, once you receive an acceptance letter from the university.

  • Pros:
    • Social & good chance to make lot of friends
    • Water & Electricity bills included
  • Cons: 
    • Limited availability
    • Challenging to live with lots of people

2. Private Student Accommodation

Another student housing option available where you can rent a room is accommodation in a private residence. There are a lot of private Student Accommodation in UK options available such as private rooms, twin rooms, studio apartments & en-suites. You can go for a private residence if it fits your budget.

If you are booking Private residence through an online method, don’t forget to check if the site is secure or not. Also, to avoid any scam, don’t forget to read student property reviews. Also, don’t forget to see the distance between your private accommodation & university and also check to see if any market is nearby.

  • Pros:
    • Modern and well equipped 
  • Cons:
    • Extra costs

3. Flats & Houses

A house or a flat is also sometimes a preference for university students. They are also competitively cheaper than student halls or dorms. Many students consider living in a rented private property from a landlord along with a partner or even alone as the best value for money. Always keep in mind that rooms near the university campus will be slightly expensive. Try to find a house which is always close to the bus station or any other public transport service. This will prove convenient to you. You can also take the help of several websites  which provide private flats & rooms.

  • Pros:
    • Chance to live with friends
    • Can choose where you want to live – close to university or within proximity to city center
  • Cons: 
    • Budget for more expenses such as bills, deposits and rent
    • Deal with landlord and manage problems

4. Homestays

If staying away from home makes you feel homesick, then homestay is the perfect cure for you. Living with the native family will make you feel & understand their culture & traditions. When staying with a family, you’ll have a pleasant stay and needn’t worry about your meals or utility bills. Everything will be inclusive of the rent. However, you’re expected to follow some rules & regulations when staying with a native family.

  • Pros:
    • Welcoming family environment
    • Ready-made meals
    • Get insight into culture of country

Documents Required for Student Accommodation in UK

If you are choosing to live with your landlord, you might not need as many documents. However, if you are searching for any Student Accommodation in UK through an agency or online website, you’ve to complete some paperwork. Always make sure you’ve a written contract in hand. You’ll be required to sign a contract. Also, you may be asked to pay one month’s rent in advance. This advance will be returned, once the rental agreement ends.

Student Accommodation in London

London is home to a lot of International Students. Accommodation is one of the biggest concerns for International Students here. The renting cost varies for Student Accommodation in London depending on the location. Accommodations in London are more expensive to rent than outside areas. The table below shows the average cost of rent, both for 1 Bedroom and 3 Bedroom in London:

ApartmentAverage Cost
1 Bedroom at City Center£1,800 (approx.)
1 Bedroom Outside City Center£1,200 (approx.)
3 Bedroom at City Center£3,500 (approx.)
3 Bedroom Outside City Center£2,000 (approx.)


Living in UK as an international student can appear to you both as tough & exciting. So, it’s better if you get familiar with the various aspects of Students life in UK. Make sure you research well and plan in advance for Student Accommodations in UK. Don’t let any doubts hold you back from realizing your dreams. If you’ve liked this post, kindly like it.

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