Important Information Related to UK Student Visa


Nowadays, both parents and children want to do something different so that it can open a lot of opportunities in the future. This is the reason the trend of studying abroad, especially in the UK, has increased a lot. Getting admission to one of the leading universities in the United Kingdom will involve a lot of effort. But once the student gets the approval for the university, it seems like a great achievement, but the process to study in the UK doesn’t stop here. After that, there is a requirement for a student visa to enter the country.

Here is the list of things that needs to be considered while applying for a student visa for the UK. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Get a letter of acceptance from the UK University: To start the process of studying in the UK, it is very important to get the letter of acceptance before starting the process of the student visa. For this, the student needs first to select the university and the course. Accordingly, apply for the application form. Once the student receives the acceptance letter, then only further steps can proceed.
  • Find out if there is a requirement of you to get the student visa for the UK: There is one exception to the student visa i.e., if the person is a citizen of any European countries. There is no such requirement for a student visa. If the person is from any other part of the country, there is a requirement for a student visa.
  • What type of visa is required to study in the UK: There are two types of visas provided by the UK government, i.e., a Short-term Study visa, which is provided to the students that are an option for the short course or any research work? Another is Tier 4 Student visa, which is provided to students who want to get enrolled for academic degrees like Bachelor’s, Masters, and even Ph.D. courses. There is no fixed duration for this, and it purely depends upon the length of the academic course.
  • When and from where to apply for the Student visa in the UK: There are two options available to the person, either the person can directly apply for the student visa at the UK embassy that is in the country, or the person can go for the online process of applying for a visa at the UK government official website. All the requirement documentations are needed to be applied with the application form. This whole process will take time to process, so better be patient about it. 
  • Conditions that need to be met to receive the Tier 4 visa: For this, the person needs to be more than 16 years of age. They might be able to speak, read and understand the English language. There might be sufficient money to support the expenses during the academic course, and there might be legal proof for a letter of acceptance from the UK University. Even for certain countries students, there is a requirement to get a good score in the English test like IELTS OR TOEFL.
  • List of documents required for UK student visa: Documents like complete visa application form, valid passport, passport-sized photograph for identification, proof of the funds that will support the stay in the UK, parents’ consent ( not required for the students above the age of 18), certain health check-up that involves tuberculosis test results, proof for paying for visa application fees, self-assessment form Appendix 8 and rest all documentation varies according to the country origin of the students.

This the list of information that every aspirant must have that wants to apply for a Study visa in the UK. This information will make things a little easy for you; apart from this, it will be great to get in touch with overseas study consultants like AEC. We have great experience in this field and can help the students to follow their dreams by guiding them in the best possible way. There is a certain list of benefits of studying in the UK. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Quality educations: Many countries are following the educational pattern of the UK. Studying in the UK will be a whole new and great experience for the students. Even there is a wide variety of options available in the study to the students. According to their interest, they can opt for the best course.
  • Great culture: There is huge diversity in the UK that will give a great life experience to the student. Here the student will get the chance to meet other international students from other countries and cultures. It is great to develop the most desirable skills necessary to be a part of today’s global workforce.
  • Work while studying: The student can even work along with the studies. Though the work is part-time, that will add more value to the skills of the person at the end of the study. This is a great way to add points and further apply for the work permit. The UK provides the opportunity to get a 2-year work visa to look for more career opportunities here.
  • Strong research infrastructure: If you are the person that is planning to do a Ph.D. course, it will be a great opportunity to pursue this course here in the UK. They have one of the best research infrastructures and even provides different facilities to the student into research work.
  • Support system: The UK government welcomes lacs of international students every year to study here. This is a great way to provide great opportunities to the student and provide with the best careers.

So, to avail of all these benefits, it is very important to get a study visa and fulfill all the UK student visa requirements. If you are willing to study here, so don’t waste time. Start to apply your efforts in the right direction so that they can take you close to your dreams. Research about it and also take the help of the experts at AEC.

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