Important Questions to Ask Your Study Abroad Consultant


There is a countless study abroad consultants out there. So, choosing the best could be a difficult task for any student. It is because a consultant acts as a best friend for you and manages everything with you, for you. From choosing the right country and program that interests you to the admission application process and filing for a study visa, they stand with you and ensure that you always have access to all the details you want. Additionally, they guide you through all the formalities to make the process much easier.

Now the question is – how to find and choose the right study abroad consultant? Since we understand the problems of study abroad aspirants, we have come up with this post to help you. The following are the important questions you must ask your study abroad consultant while searching for the best and approach them only when you have enough reasons to do so:

Question 1: Do I fulfill the necessary criteria of admission for the country and course/program of my choice?

Different courses in different universities/colleges and countries entail a specific set of requirements that prospective students need to fulfill to get considered. Many universities/colleges abroad do not recognize the degrees/diplomas/certificates conferred by the Indian institutes/schools. You must ensure that your qualifications and documents are acceptable in the university/college you are planning to apply. In addition to this, there can be additional courses that you might have to do to apply for a course or program of your choice. You must ensure that you are clear on this point.

Question 2: What would be the expected total cost of studying abroad in your preferred country?

Cost is something that directly affects the decision of a student. It is undeniably a crucial factor to consider especially when it comes to something like study abroad. Before asking the consultant, you must know that how much amount you would spend or need to spend. The total cost of your study abroad depends on several factors like tuition fees of the program, the cost of living at the destination chosen, personal spending habits, traveling, and other additional yet essential expenses. There are so many good public universities that offer courses at minimal fees or free of cost. You must ask your study abroad consultants about those universities and other universities so that you have a clearer picture of the financial part to plan your education well.

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Question 3: When should I begin planning?

Well, this question has the obvious but logical answer – the sooner, the better. It means the soon you start your planning, the more time you will get to do in-depth research on which country or course/program suits your needs best. Some courses may require you to get an additional qualification or skill like language proficiency or to gain more relevant work experience, while other courses may ask you to apply immediately. You must ask your study abroad consultant about the deadlines of the applications and the total time that it takes to complete the whole procedures like writing Statement of Purpose (SOP), degree and documentation, and more.

Question 4: Are there any scholarships or fellowship schemes available?

Many foreign students are not completely aware of the various types of the corporate-funded or state scholarship or fellowship schemes offered by the universities/colleges. Some schemes require you to sit through an exam, while for others, your application is considered automatically. You must ask your study abroad consultant about what criteria you are required to fulfill to be eligible for the different scholarships so that you can prepare your documents in advance to get the benefits.

Question 5: How long I can stay abroad after completing my course or what is the duration of the post-study work visa of the country of your choice?

Some students do not have any idea of how much time they can stay abroad after completing the course they have enrolled in. For instance, some students are unclear on whether they should stay back and search for work or immediately fly back to their home. A good study abroad consultant will give answers to all your queries. They will tell you what and what-not your study visa entails. They will clearly explain to you all the legal consequences of not abiding by the country’s rules and regulations.


Choosing to study abroad is undeniably one of the most beneficial, cherished and memorable experiences of any student’s life. The whole process, however, can be frustrating and confusing. Since there are so many options, it can be a little daunting for you to pick one. In such a crowded marketplace, you can count on AEC.

Our experienced study abroad consultants and career counselors can give answers to all your questions and clear all your doubts. They can guide you throughout the process i.e. finding and shortlisting universities/colleges and courses as per your interest, skills, education, and career objectives, admission application, study visa, scholarship, pre-departure and post-arrival assistance so that you can easily land in your dream university.

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